June 4, 2023

Fonterra Science Roadshow

A visit to the Fonterra Science Roadshow is an exciting and entertaining learning programme of live demonstrations and hands-on exhibits that broaden students knowledge of science and technology and the world around them.

Your visit to the Roadshow

A school visit to the Roadshow lasts for 80 minutes and is divided into three sections:

Demonstration One — As each session begins your students may be joined by those from other schools (or home educators), depending on numbers. One of our two demonstrations is then presented to the entire group. This takes around 15 minutes.

Exhibit Interaction — Each of our exhibits is set up around the hall according to its theme. Your students will have approximately 50 minutes to explore each of the activites. To help them out, each exhibit has a context board which includes information about how to use the exhibit, the science behind it, and where such things occur in everyday life. A number of the exhibits also have student explainers — senior students from the host school, who are there to assist visiting students gain the most from their Roadshow experience.

Demonstration Two — The second of our two demonstrations is now presented, then your students return to home.

Context Board

New Themes to Explore…

Astronomy; Earth Science; Farming; Forces; Light; The Human Body

New Shows to enjoy…

Spectacular Changes — physical and chemical changes
The Hidden World — things we can’t see without special equipment or devices

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