Free Range Learning – Unschooling: Friday 7th September

Free Range Learning – Unschooling

Friday 7th September
7.30pm – 9pm

@ Gateways Christian Fellowship on Church Street  (opposite The Warehouse)

Palmerston North

Have you heard of unschooling?
Wondered what it was? Can kids learn all they need in life through unschooling?

We have two fabulous people coming to share, Jane Evans and Matt Telfer.

Jane is an ex primary school teacher and will share her families journey into unschooling.
She is passionate about natural learning and believes children learn best when they choose what they learn.

Matt Telfer is an unschooling dad and is expecting his 4th child shortly. He teaches intermediates in Feilding.
It would be great if we could get both mum’s and dad’s to come – so if you can get a babysitter – organise one now.
I’m sure it will be a great night that we will all be able to take something away from.

Please confirm by emailing me – Tara Jolliffe if you are planning on attending.
This will help me with setting up and planning supper.

Please  bring a Koha (donation) to give Jane and Matt to say thank you
a gold coin donation for the use of the rooms at Gateway Christian Fellowship
(opposite The Warehouse on Church Street)

For any inquiries email
Tara Jolliffe

Check out the links below for more on the Janes family and unschooling.

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TV One, on Sunday interviewed them. Free Range Kids.

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