Homeschoolers stage march to exile

Families on 100-mile walk to highlight plight of parents under attack


Dozens of Swedish home educators from will walk 100 miles from the town of Asko to Stockholm then board a ferry to the nearby Aland Islands, a self-governing territory controlled by Finland, to highlight the plight of homeschool families under persecution in Sweden.

The plan was announced on a Facebook page.

A spokesman for a leading international advocate for education freedom and homeschooling said many families already have fled Sweden because of the crackdown on rights.

“Families should not have to choose between love for their children and love for their homeland,” said Michael Donnelly, director of international relations for the Home School Legal Defense Association.

“The situation in Sweden went from bad to worse after the new education law passed in June 2010, and dozens of families have fled in the past two years,” he said. “We call upon Swedish officials to recognize the right of parents to direct the education of their children, explicitly protected in fundamental human rights documents.”

The protest march will include a walk for six days, July 13-19, from Asko to Stockholm, before marchers will take a boat to the Aland Islands.

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Walk To Freedom HD

A short video raising awareness of the current home schooling situation in Sweden. It explains what is happening and about a short walk people


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  1. Good luck to you all! I home-educated all my three children and they have grown up into happy, thoughtful, knowledgeable young people. Now that they are adults or nearly adults, all three say they are glad we did it, even though it was sometimes difficult. Every child should have the right to choose their education. With warm wishes.

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