November 26, 2021

Southern Heart Retreat

Date: 20-22 July 2012

Venue: Glenroy Camp, Sleemans Road, Canterbury

Contact Details:

Pdf of the 2012 conference brochure:

Heart 2012 Brochure.pdf Heart 2012 Brochure.pdf
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From the Smiths:

Updated 25 March 2012: Life for Those Left Behind (Craig Smith’s Health) page 6 click here


Needing help for your home schooling journey:


Here are a couple of links to get you started home schooling:


This link is motivational:


  1. Eva says:

    Hi am interested about finding more info out on the retreat but cannot open the brochure.How much is it and are we allowed to bring young children?
    Kind Regards Eva


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