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A note from Rosie:

Hello friends.

Just a quick email to let you know that this year in the Australasian CALEB Prize for writers there is a special section for budding young authors. I know there are a lot of young homeschoolers out there who are working on a book! I’ve met some of them.  So here’s a chance to have your manuscript read and assessed by some judges, with the possibility of winning some money and further editing help.

I’ll paste below an extract from the Omega Writers website. Check it out yourself and encourage your young writers to have a go!

The Boom Prize is a cash award of $500 for an unpublished manuscript. It is provided by Rosie Boom, winner of the children’s section of the CALEB Prize in 2010 and 2011. It does not include publication (although obviously winning a prize enhances future chances of this and may interest one of our ministry partners).

Criteria for the Boom Prize:

(1) it embodies the ideal Tolkien wrote about in On Fairytales: hope.

(2) any manuscript written by an author under the age of 21 at the time of entry

(3) manuscripts must be 30,000 words or less. If over this word limit, please contact us before entering. Word limit exemptions may be granted beforehand, but will NOT be granted after entry.


1. The judges will not consider any eBook or book which has had only internet publication at this time. Consider the unpublished section or contact us if you have any queries

2. Judges and Omega Writers Committee members are ineligible for the CALEB Award but may enter to obtain reviews through the extensive reviewing process provided by our ministry partners. They may not progress beyond the short list stage.

3. Australasian residents are eligible for the CALEB Prize and the Boom Prize, non-Australasian residents are eligible only for the Boom Prize.

All the best!

Rosie Boom

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