Christchurch/Rangiora Home Education Workshop 13 April 2013

Venue: Brethern Chapel, between the War Memorial and and High Street Motors in High Street, Rangiora

Contact: Dot 03 312 8790
Cost: $10.00 per family, $5.00 per sessionProgramme: 10:00am Registration and view stalls

10:10-10:15am  Introduction

10:15-10:45am State of the Nation- What can we be doing?

10:45-12:15am “Training Our Children’s minds”, “The Tools of Learning” and “Motivation”

12:15-12:45pm Lunch (bring your won)

12:45:1:45pm “The Vital Nature of Reading Aloud”

1:45-2:15pm Afternoon Tea (view stalls)

2:15-3:15pm “Books, Great Books and More Books – Creating your own library; how to use it”

3:15pm Afternoon tea and view stalls

4:00 End of workshop


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