Drop in educational standards in NZ

For those who missed them here are two articles on the OECD report and the significant drop in the NZ educational achievement and concerns I have about the report.

Significant drops in NZ educational achievement – OECD report

It showed that New Zealand’s ranking had fallen from 7th to 18th in science, 12th to 23rd in maths, and 7th to 13th in reading.


Asia comes top in OECD education index

The concern with this report is this:

Across OECD countries, students from wealthier backgrounds are about a year ahead of their less-advantaged peers. Early starters also performed better, with students who attended pre-primary school at about a year ahead of those who did not.

The OECD recommended in particular that governments subsidize pre-primary education in poor areas.

This seems to be setting the scene for more control over pre school – earlier and earlier institutioning of our children.

This is something we need to be watching and acting upon.


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