HEART South Island (Glenroy Lodge, Canterbury) – 15-17 September 2013

Address change:

Last minute venue change to Southern Heart due to storm damage at Glenroy. New venue is Blue Skies, 12 Williams St, Kaiapoi. http://www.blueskies.org.nz/
Please pass on to anyone you know who is going!

HEART South Island (Glenroy Lodge, Canterbury)

Home Educators Annual ReTreat

Godly Friendships and a Blessing of Fellowship

Heart July 2013 Mail Out

15-17th September 2013

See attached brochure for details.

At recent meeting I was reminded again about the blessing of godly friendships and fellowship.  Like minded sisters in Christ can bring so much joy, laughter and support.  This was a timely reminder for me. I had recently been studying a book on Godly Friendships and the blessing they can bring.  One thing the author pointed out was, we have to be very intentional to build those relationships and give them opportunity to strengthen and grow.  How can we be a blessing to others or allow the blessing of fellowship reach us if we don’t reach out and step out? This is where the H.E.A.R.T weekend can help.  The Home Educators Annual Retreat is a wonderful way you can nurture existing friendships and reach out for new ones with like minded women.

Whether you grab some friends or come alone, make a commitment to building and strengthening godly friendships in a relaxed and fun weekend – no distractions, just you, like-minded woman and our Lord Jesus who holds us all together in unity.  I encourage you to consider coming along – you can be a real blessing to others or be blessed
yourself.  I honestly believe no one leaves HEART without being touched in some way, you would have to be as you’re showered in heart felt prayer.  It doesn’t matter if you are in a season of peace or chaos, joy or sadness,
or as one lovely lady said “I’d just like to finish a ‘HOT’ drink!’ Be intentional, choose fellowship … come to H.E.A.R.T this year.

Consider this, sometimes it can be easier NOT to come for many varying reasons, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

•  Treat yourself alongside others to a wonderful weekend in a relaxed and friendly country getaway.

•  Dress up for Saturday’s dinner  with a catered 3 course meal and hear Theresa talking ‘between the  sheets.’

•  Hear from Linda about Choosing Joy, and from Kim about Finding Joy.

•  Be blessed with Rosie Boom’s talent and presence in our relaxing Café night,

•  Chat, eat, laugh, relax & enjoy it all.


Optional Workshops:

Rosie Boom on Homeschool Tips

Barbara Kipfer on God’s Word

Theresa Shephard on Family Traditions

Alison White on Intimacy

Lisa Frater on moods, depression and addiction


            Optional Discussions: 


Being Spiritually Solo

Freedom Schooling

To Register or ask any questions email Southernheartnz@gmail.com

Only a $55 deposit is required on registration

to request a brochure or for further details of workshops and talks.


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Blessings and thanks,

The Team at Southern Heart


From the Smiths:


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