Social Security (Benefit Categories and Work Focus) Amendment Bill – Committee Stage

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If you have not emailed and rung Peter Dunne and John Banks please do so immediately.

Peter Dunne:,

John Banks:,

Put in your subject line as the MPs might not be able to read every email if they get a lot of emails: Please vote against the Social Security (Benefit Categories and Work Focus) Amendment Bill

My emails for you to use as a guide targeting their stand on this issue from their Party ideals:

Peter Dunne:

John Banks:

Please also ring the MPs. You will probably not be able to talk to the MPs. I have been trying to ring them for several days and I only get their secretaries. When you ring them please make sure you tell the secretaries that you want the MP to vote against the Social Security (Benefit Categories and Work Focus) Amendment Bill while the Social and Work Obligations and Sanctions are still in the Bill.

ACT:  John Banks  (04) 817 9999  (corrected phone number-you will be transferred to his office)

United Future:  Peter Dunne 04 817 6827

THE ISSUES as I see them again:

We will fight this Bill:

1. While ECE is compulsory for any 3 and 4 year old child

2. While the Government is making it compulsory for any mother to have to go to work while she still has children at home

3. While it is compulsory for any child to have to complete the Well Child Checks

4. While our freedoms are slowly being taken from us


Peter Dunne has changed his vote in the past at the 3rd Reading. So although it is very rare for a Bill to have a different outcome at the 3rd Reading from the 2nd Reading we have lots of hope that this Bill will be one of those rare Bills to change at the 3rd Reading.

So please, please, please write emails and ring these two MPs. It will be the volumne of emails and phone calls that will sway these MPs.

Thankyou to everyone who writes an email and/or rings Peter Dunne and/or John Banks.

In 1877 New Zealanders lost the freedom to educate our children at home without applying for permission. Our forefathers let us down by not standing up for their rights.

In 2013, will we be the generation that begins to lose the freedom to preschool our own children, to make our own decisions about health care, or to invest our time in our families above a job?

We say NO

Let us protect the children of Beneficiaries

Because this could extend to ALL children

if this passes



Please feel free to repost, forward or pass on  this email

Please do so with the whole post. Thankyou


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Social Security (Benefit Categories and Work Focus) Amendment Bill