June 2, 2023

Grief is several layers deep

IMG_8915 (2)1. Missing loved one

  • being a couple
  • missing his laughter
  • all the little things
  • intimate conversation
  • at night
  • feeling only half alive
  • you smile but want to cry
  • Photo

2. Current situations like

  • celebrations – weddings, birthdays etc
  • when everyone around you at an event are a couple
  • The silence of not being able to hear Craig’s voice any more – except on some recordings I have
  • Grief guilt

3. Certain dates

  • the day Craig started to go numb – 8 July
  • the day of certain tests, CT scan, MRI – 28 July, diagnosis 4 August, etc
  • Charmagne’s wedding – 10 September
  • Today – 30 September
  • Funeral – 7 October
  • Birthdays etc

4. Future dates

  • having to give up the dreams Craig had for our future together
  • children still to get married
  • future grandchildren
  • Things that I know Craig would be involved in
  • 1st we had the Beneficiary Bill – trying to keep preschool from becoming compulsory for 3 & 4 years for beneficiaries.

  • 2nd the MoEs Problem Solving Survey

5. Wonderful memories

6. Eternity


From the Smiths:


Updated 22 September 2014:  Two years on (Craig Smith’s Health) page 7 click here


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