Kiwi Vicki Wilson takes out prestigious colt starting world title worth $100,000 in Kentucky

Former NZ Unschooled student has just won The most prestigious colt training competition in the world.

It’s a reminder to us all … let our children follow their passion!

Vicki Wilson has claimed the World Championship of Colt starting.

Vicki Wilson has claimed the World Championship of Colt starting.

 A shoulder injury hasn’t stopped Northland’s Vicki Wilson from leaving her mark on the Road to the Horse event as she took out the $100,000 colt starting competition in Kentucky, USA.

Wilson, of Keeping up with the Kaimanawas fame, sustained a dislocated shoulder early on in the four-day competition, but soldiered on to ride her horse, named Kentucky, to beat four other hopefuls and walk away with the World Championship of Colt Starting title.

For the competition, competitors were given three hours to tame a horse that has run untouched for three years before putting it through its paces through various equestrian disciplines.

“It wasn’t something I ever dreamed I could do,” Wilson said after the event.

“To be able to come here to American, to Kentucky, and to walk into that grandstand with Kentucky, that horse, and to be able to pull off what we did today, that was amazing.”

After given their time to tame the horses, the riders were expected to take them through various obstacles, and Wilson said Kentucky’s trying attitude rewarded her on the final day.

“I want my horse to love everything that he does and yesterday he overcame a few things. He was scared of a lot of things but by the time we left that round pen I think he’d conquered a few things.”

Wilson said while her shoulder was causing her some issues, with her arm in a sling on the final day, while she was competing the thrill of being there and the atmosphere of the arena took her mind off it.

“It was worth every part of it – he didn’t quit, I didn’t quit and that’s what cowgirls are all about.”

Wilson was so happy with the partnership she had built with her horse in such a short time that she decided to purchase him and planned to work with him as a show pony.

“Kentucky’s coming back to New Zealand. It’s a bit of a trip for him but I think he deserves it.”

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