3 Reasons Christians Should Avoid Online Public Schools

In our current homeschooling world parents have so many varied options for educating their children. All you have to do is stop in to a homeschool convention and you will be inundated with materials that can be used to educate your little Einstein.

Among all of the textbooks and literature studies, the DVD and CD Rom courses, you will also find what looks to be the answer to every homeschooling mom’s dream. Online and free public education streaming right into your living room.

Have you ever heard that “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is?”

3 reasons Christians should avoid public online schools

The online public schools (including Te Kura) usually provide free course materials, free online instruction, free testing, field trips and also, in more cases than not, a computer at your disposal to either use or have for your child’s education.

These can all be powerful lures, especially for the newer homeschooling mom who is not yet sure of herself and is concerned that she will ruin her child by not getting this whole homeschooling thing right.

There is a teacher who is organized and provides instruction for all the areas that you may not feel adequate in, math anyone? There is a curriculum that is accredited, tested, and found to be the best that the public school feels they have to offer, and you, as the parent, are all but taken out of the equation.

Wait, did you just read that…YOU ARE TAKEN OUT OF THE EQUATION.

Though this may sound perfect, if you dig a bit deeper you will see that there are definitive reasons that Christians should avoid online public schools.

  1. The same evolutionary materials that are taught in public school, are taught online.

You might think that this is only in science, but you would be wrong. Math story problems, history, science, even English comprehension sections all contain evolutionary ideology. This flies directly in conflict with the core values that Christians hold in Genesis 1. You may think this is no big deal, but you are feeding your child from two different sides of the plate, and those sides are starkly conflicting.

2. The moral values you have in your home are not the same as what the world ideology is.

There may be certain required reading that you would have felt was better left on the shelf, but, as a parent buying in to the public school system, you are choosing to allow your child to be taught by a government school. You may spend more time trying to “unteach” certain things than you think.

3. Your child is getting the exact same education as they would if you sent them to school…

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