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Craig introduced our news to you on the 29th of July by saying the Lord has the best sanctification programme out! We praise the Lord for all the things He is doing in our lives and for all the answered prayer – the good and the bad and there has been a lot of bad.

On Thursday and Friday we spent two days at the hospital. Our journey began on Thursday night when we were visited by a Neurosurgeon who informed us that Craig has stage 4 Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) and he told us that it could not be operated on and there was no cure for it. It is deep in Craig’s brain and in a very sensitive area.We were told that if we did nothing then Craig would live for months and with radiation he would live for months and months.

As you know we had some extremely difficult decisions to make, we are at peace about the decisions we made. We are waiting for an appointment for one more Oncologist meeting in Palmerston North this coming week where we will have more decisions to make.

*Surgery: The decision about surgery was made for us by the team of 5 neurosurgeons.

As we have mentioned earlier we were very interested in fighting this tumour with natural products. But when faced with the fastest growing brain cancer it is scarey and the drs are persuasive about their treatments. We have nothing but praise for all the Drs and nurses who looked after Craig and advised us. They were all very gentle with us and when we said we wanted the truth and to be given all the information about all the treatments – the good and the bad they gave it to us in full.

*Biopsy: The team of 5 Neurosurgeons are 95% sure that this is Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). They can only give a 100% diagnosis by doing a biopsy. There are incredible risks doing a biopsy in the brain. Biopsys spread some cancers although the drs didn’t think that it would spread this cancer. The main reason for doing a Biopsy was to determine what was required if the drs were to do Chemo or Radiation.

*Chemotherapy: The drs seemed to rule out Chemotherapy. So it was good not to have to make a decision about this.

*Radiation: We struggled with this a lot.

We wanted to listen to everything the Neurosurgeons and Oncologists were saying so that we were making an informed decision. We wavered a lot. We seriously considered a Biopsy and Radiation.  The drs were gentle with us but also persuasive. They believe in their product. We asked lots and lots of questions as we really wanted to understand what we were being told. The pressure was really on as we really wanted to best for Craig.

We found it too hard to say no to a Biopsy and Radiation. The drs put forward a wonderful argument for them. So the easiest way to deal with this was to delay them. So we asked for more time. We made an appointment for a biopsy August 15 – the earliest date available.

Craig had a MRI on 28 July and then another one on 5 August 8 days later.  We asked the Neurosurgeon  if the second MRI was to see how much the tumour had grown in that week. He said that the tumour would not grow much in a week that the biopsy was to see where to go into the brain to get out a piece of the brain to test it.

Because Craig was not having the Biopsy on Friday we were able to leave after the Oncologists meeting. Just as we were about to leave one of the Neurosurgeons came and took Craig aside and asked him if he had seen the latest MRI. We hadn’t so he took us all to see it. We received shocking news. The tumour had grown 30% in just 8 days unbelievably fast growth. The tumour is a very fast growing cancer.

In saying all this we are not without hope. We have a lot of hope in 3 areas:

1. Craig may not have much time left with us. He wants to make the most of this time. Before our trip to Wellington we went through nearly everything that he does and lifted it all from him so that he does not now go anywhere near his office and I believe he doesn’t even think about it now either. He is trusting us to look after everything. Craig now has 4 things that he is working on.

1. He is preparing for meeting with his Lord Phil 4:13. He is enjoying his time in the Word and prayer. Tomorrow he plans to go to Worship his Lord with other believers.

2. Spending heaps of time with family. Pete, Geneveive and children are all here. Zach is planning on arriving on Monday Megan can’t come as she is 37+ weeks pregnant). Josh is planning on coming later in the week and Craig’s three sisters are seriously thinking of coming out from the USA and Canada.

3. Craig’s gift is his pen and he can still use it. He can’t type anymore but his right hand is as it always has been. So he is now writing everything out by hand. His diary is being typed up by good friends then I put it up on this website and is also wanting to write things for his children, grandchildren and future generations.

4. We are doing all we can to give Craig a good diet which does not feed cancer and attacks the cancer. Geneveive is doing heaps of research and Charmagne is cooking all of Craig’s meals. Charmagne and Genevieve confer with each other.  Craig is only eating and drinking what Charmagne gives him.

Charmagne is also looking after me and tells me I must go to bed right now. So this is not proof read and Craig, my editor when writing for Keystone, has not fixed up all my mistakes. We are not without a hope.

2. God may choose to heal Craig

3. We are fighting this with LifeOne

More of this in days to come…

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, make your requests made know to God. And the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Phil 4:6-7


Thank you all for being so patient. I guess you will all have realised that no news means we are busy making decisions and contacting family. Decisions are now all made. Thank you a trillion+ times over for your prayers while we made some very difficult decisions. Now that the decisions have been made we wonder why it was so difficult because we are very much at peace over the decisions we have made. Thank you again. Well, we know why, God answered your prayers abundantly for us. Although all the decisions were extremely hard to make while we were considering the decisions at the very moment when we made each decision it was abundantly clear what we had to decide. As we looked into the future of having to make the decisions it looked impossible. But at the moment the decisions needed to be made God provided the answers for us – for which we are very thankful.

We still need to talk with Craig’s mother which wont be until mid afternoon. We still have other family members we are trying to contact before we make any announcement.  We would like to be able to make a statement later today. Then in due course we would like to write up here and in Craig’s diary all that we have been through and what we have ahead of us. We are writing this up in the hopes that it might be helpful to others and give others a hope.

We came home last night. Planned to be home about 7pm but got caught up in rush hour traffic out of Wellington. We had arranged a meeting with our elders at 8pm. They arrived at our home as we did among a few phone calls as well. The Elders shared many Scripture passages with us and anointed Craig with oil and prayer for Craig. It was a prescious time for our family.


We are urgently waiting for a package to arrive in the mail. Charmagne is chasing it down now. Please pray that it arrives here at our home TODAY.




4/8/2011 evening

MRI is at 11:15am tomorrow
Discussios with dr beginning at 7:30am and again before lunch.
More discussions with drs during afternoon before possible biopsy
We will be talking with many different drs.
Thankyou to all those who are praying for us, particularly for Craig. Please continue to pray tomorrow. We have some major decisions to make by about mid afternoon.

A number of people have been asking for our bank account details. A couple of people have asked me to put it up here. I feel a bit akward doing this but it will save me time having to answer individual emails. I want to spend my time helping Craig to fight this so I am not getting much time in my emails. Please forgive me if I have not answered your email. I was trying to answer them all but I am way behind now. We sure appreciate your emails and comments at other places like email discussion groups, FB etc. We love it when you share Scripture with us as well.

CS BE Smith
020 727 0838357 00

Hab 3:17-19 “Although the fig tree shall not blossom, neither shall fruit be in the vines; the labour of the olive shall fail, and the fields shall yield no meat; the flock shall be cut off from the fold, and there shall be no herd in the stalls:
Yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will joy in the God of my salvation.
The LORD God is my strength, and he will make my feet like hinds’ feet, and he will make me to walk upon mine high places.”


Therefore, when you pass through the waters of difficulty,
and the flames of distress, know that God is always there

4/8/2011 afternoon

This ward has had a very  busy day with their normal work plus three aneurisms. So Craig has now heard that he is 3rd on the list for tomorrow which will mean that he has his MRI at 11:15am. We will get to talk with the drs after that about potential surgery and about a  potential biopsy.

3/8/2011 late afternoon

We have a time for Craig’s appointment in Wellington with Dr Alexander. He will have one or two scans. Then Dr Alexander wants to talk to us about surgery – the pro and cons etc. He has already told Craig that the tumour is in a very difficult place.

We are to be at Ward 7 South at midday tomorrow.

Geneveive and I will be staying at the Adalaide Motel, 209 Adelaide Road Newton, 04 389 8138

We had lots of phones calls today and Anna has been wonderful organising many things for us. Things that we had not thought about at all. Someone she contacted talked to us about the Cancer society. So we rang our dr and then the PN hospital. They have given us $80 in petrol vouchers and they are paying for the motel tomorrow night (we only have to pay $15 for two adults and a baby) and for however many nights we need the motel for. Once Craig has been officially diagnosed with Cancer we may be able to stay at Margaret Stewart House if we are in Wellington for more than one night (if they do the surgery) and if it is OK to have a very small baby there. Children are not allowed. So thank you Anna for getting us going on that.

We also thank John for all his wonderful help. He encouraged us to make lists of all that Craig does. Whatever happens after tomorrow Craig will not be able to do much for possibly the rest of the year. So we have cleared everything from his diary and desk so that he has nothing on his mind. Now someone in our family or amoung our friends knows how to do all these things. I’ll write more about this below. John also organised for “Power of Attorney for Health Care” and “General Durable Power of Attorney”. He brought the forms around, helped us fill them out, was a witness then a visitor arrived who was the second witness and so it was all fixed up without any hassell for me when I have so much on my mind at the moment.

There are many people we would like to thank who have been wonderful but at this stage there is one more who I would like to thank here and that is Maree. She has been wonderful. She has typed up all of Craig’s diary – the journey he is going on beginning 8 July 2011. She has looked after our children, cleaned our home, cooked meals, and learned the ropes with our truck run. Thank you Maree for being so cheerful and helpful.

It has been a busy day off loading Craig from all his jobs, clearing his desk, so to speak, so that he can concentrate on getting better and so that we know what to do depending on what happens over the next few days.

I will be putting up on the website some phone numbers of home educators who can be contacted for advice since we will be unable to do this possibly until the end of this year. This will also help whoever answers the phone at home while we are away as they will also use these numbers to refer people to.

Tonight Genevieve will help me to write up a letter to all the subscibers of Keystone and TEACH Bulletin saying not to expect any Keystones or TEACH Bulletins this year. We will either push their subscriptions out a few months or refund their subscriptions.

We have off loaded lots of jobs that take extra effort. We still have a few more people to ring to get rid of a few more things.

I cancelled my trip to the USA (to be with our son whose wife is due to have a baby any day and to visit with my other two grandchildren – the two year old who I have not met yet and the 4 year old who I have only met when she was 5 months old) for the end of August and of course the trip to Spain for the first International Home Schooling Leadership Conference. We will be organising refunds for those who so generously made donations towards this trip. Thanks to those who have already asked us to keep the refund and to put it towards any costs we have in regards to getting Craig well.

Genevieve has just arrived – so I can’t finish this right now. I want to hold my 5th grandchild who is 10 weeks old. This is the first time I have seen her too.

I am posting this without proof reading as my arms are aching to hold a baby.

3/8/2011 early afternoon

Thanks for praying Charmagne is fine now and is being a great help.

Yesterday was a very difficult day for many reasons. Today has been incredible. God has truly been supplying all our needs in abundance.

3/8/2011 mid morning

I made a mistake in the entry below which I have now corrected. I wrote it at 1:30am last night so I put up the 3rd but I was still living in the 2nd so Genevieve is arriving today not tomorrow as I mentioned.

Charmagne has the flu – she vomited in Martin at the beginning of our truck run – so she is out of action today. Please pray for her and that the rest of us don’t get the flu especially Craig. I am giving everyone Colloidal silver now.


Types of primary brain tumours

There are nearly 100 different types of brain tumour. They are generally named after the type of cell they developed from. Most develop from the cells that support the nerve cells of the brain. These are called glial cells. A tumour of the glial cells is called a glioma. Brain tumours can also be named after the area of the brain they are growing in. There is information below about some of the most common types.

Grade – benign or malignant?

Brain tumours are put into groups according to how quickly they are likely to grow. The cells are examined under a microscope. The more abnormal they look, the more quickly the tumour is likely to grow and the higher the grade. As a rule of thumb, low grade tumours are regarded as benign and high grade as malignant.

By benign we generally mean that the tumour is relatively slow growing. It is less likely to come back after it is completely removed, and is less likely to spread. It may not need treating with chemotherapy or radiotherapy after surgery.

By malignant we generally mean that the tumour is relatively fast growing. It is likely to come back after surgery, even if completely removed. It may spread to other parts of the brain or spinal cord. It will need radiotherapy or chemotherapy to try and stop it coming back.

You may have been told you have a benign tumour or a malignant tumour. As a rule of thumb, low grade tumours are regarded as benign and high grade as malignant. By benign, we generally mean the following.

  • The tumour is relatively slow growing
  • It is less likely to come back if it is completely removed
  • It is not likely to spread to other parts of the brain or spinal cord
  • It may just need surgery and not radiotherapy or chemotherapy as well

By malignant, we generally mean the following.

  • The tumour is relatively fast growing
  • It is likely to come back after surgery, even if completely removed
  • It may spread to other parts of the brain or spinal cord
  • It can’t just be treated with surgery and will need radiotherapy or chemotherapy to try to stop it from coming back

With other types of cancer, these black and white explanations of benign and malignant work well. But with brain tumours, there are a lot of grey areas. Some low grade astrocytomas can spread to other parts of the brain or spinal cord. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are sometimes used to treat ‘benign’ tumours. Even a slow growing tumour can cause serious symptoms and be life threatening if it is in a crucial part of the brain. So, it is important to ask your specialist to explain your own situation to you fully and simply.



About half of all primary brain tumours are gliomas. There are 3 main types of glioma – astrocytoma, ependymoma and oligodendroglioma. A fourth type, mixed glioma, is a mixture of the other types. Your doctor will use the grade of your glioma to decide your treatment and the likely outcome. But the position of the tumour is also very important. For example, brain stem gliomas are particularly difficult to treat, whatever their grade. The brain stem is a very complicated and delicate part of the brain and completely removing the tumour is not likely to be possible. Unfortunately, high doses of radiotherapy are not recommended either as this may cause too much damage to the normal brain stem.


This is the type of tumour our Family Dr thinks Craig might have:

Astrocytomas (including glioblastoma multiforme)

Astrocytomas are the most common type of glioma in both adults and children. They develop from cells called astrocytes. The astrocytes are the ‘bricks and mortar’ of the brain that support the nerve cells (neurones). They probably do other things too (but we don’t know what as yet). Astrocytomas can be slow or fast growing. Some are very localised (‘focal’). This means it is easy to see the border between tumour and normal brain tissue on a scan or during an operation. Focal astrocytomas are more often diagnosed in children and are not common in adults. Other astrocytomas are called ‘diffuse’. These do not have a clear boundary between the tumour and normal brain tissue.

Anaplastic astrocytoma (also called grade 3 astrocytoma) and glioblastoma multiforme (GBM or grade 4 astrocytoma) are the most common type of  brain tumour in adults. These are malignant brain gliomas. They can sometimes spread to other parts of the brain.

This is the type of tumour  our Dr in the USA thinks Craig might have:

Dr only saw one slide of the MRI so again it is a big might.

Dr  is the good friend of Ty Bollinger who he said “is the best cancer doctor in the USA. He cured his own father of brain cancer”.


About 1 in 20 brain tumours (5%) is an oligodendroglioma. These develop from cells called oligodendrocytes. These cells make a white fatty substance that covers nerves, called myelin. It helps the nerve signals (impulses) to travel along the nerves more quickly. Oligodendrogliomas are most often found in the forebrain, in the temporal or frontal lobes. They can be fast or slow growing. They are most likely to be diagnosed in adults, although they do occur in young children. Sometimes this tumour can spread within the central nervous system, in the fluid that circulates round the brain and spinal cord.
Craig is continuing to be loosing more each day. His nose is now all numb. His two smallest fingers are completely numb.  His other two and thumb are quite tingly. The headache continues the same. His head feels packed with cotton wool. The numbness on his left side began at skin level and it is now going deeper into his body. This seems to be a fast growing tumour.


  1. [19] And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

We have had heaps of phone calls today – every one was completely necessary, filling in another puzzel to this whole thing. Each one meeting another need we have. It has been incredible. I can say with full confidence that My God is supplying every need of ours according to his riches in Glory in Christ Jesus. Praise God From Whom all Blessings Flow. Thankyou everyone.

3/8/2011 early morning

Genevieve and baby Eva (our 5th grandchild) are arriving in Wellington this afternoon for 3 weeks. Charmagne is shortening her trip to Australia from 3 1/2 weeks to 10 days. She has to go there at least one month before their wedding – something about the marriage certificate. I am so thankful to Pete and Josh for letting our two oldest daughters be at home during this time. Charmagne will stay at home and look after the truck run and our three youngest children who are 5, 10 and 13. Genevieve and Eva will come back to Wellington on Thursday with us and will be with us during all the tests and decision making time.


Today has been a difficult day in many ways. Here is an update from Craig – he hand wrote it out (typing is getting difficult for him) as an email for his family and a friend typed it up for me. He went to bed at 5:30pm for a short sleep and was going to wake up during the evening so that we could make plans for the next few weeks. He is still asleep at 11:00pm. He slept right through and I think he will now sleep until morning. It has been a big day for him (for all of us actually). He is getting tired very easily. He is finding relief when he lies down.


Dear Family,

Well, after the bombshell of finding I have this tumour in my brain (as a result of the Doctors here chasing down why I’ve gone numb all down my left side), I went for a full-body CT scan this morning. Had to drink a ton of stuff plus get an injection all to provide a lot of contrast in the scan. Once that was all done, we went to see the neurologist, but he wasn’t available. But he rang back really soon to say he couldn’t see anything to comment about, but would wait for the radiologists’ report. We were next attending the funeral of a gentleman from church when we got another call. The scan was completely clear, so we can assume that this tumour is primary rather than having come from somewhere else. This is great news! Then we returned to our Dr for him to check me for melanomas since I was sunburnt to a crisp many times as a child and melanomas apparently do not show up an these scans. Dr said I had no melanomas! So while we’re thinking how good that was, I got a call from Dr Alexander who identified himself as part of the neurosurgeon team at Wellington hospital. They want me down there on Thursday (day after tomorrow) for a special scan and then a biopsy on Friday. I wanted to ask about several things, but he said it would be best to talk about all the options and scenarios face to face on Thursday.

A friend was over last night who was trained in radiography. He took us through the MRI disc we have of all the images of the tumour, commenting on its size, position and how it might affect the brain. He rang a Doctor friend in Wellington while with us to ask who the best brain surgeons are. She said there is a team of them who discuss cases together and make a team plan, giving certain types to one team member who’s good at those and other types to other team members according to their various forte’s. She also said the public system was definitely better than the private system, since the public system had all the best surgeons and it also had the best ICU and recovery units. Now this morning we rang a friend in the USA. He very confidently recommended a certain protocol, so we’ve ordered that, to put on the table with the surgeons as we discuss options and scenarios on Thursday.

The diet I’m on of Budwigs – cottage cheese, flaxseed oil, spirulina, apricot kernals, deep well water, vitamin supplements especially B12, C, D, and E, Magnesium, CO-Q10, Colloidal Silver, probiotic’s, Smoothies, nuts, fruit and vege’s is just not filling- it’s a chore to eat through the recommended volumes – no sugar, no dairy, no bread or pasta or red meat. Killer. Both of us have read a lot about each of these factors over the last 3-4 years and we are each convinced of their benefits.

My left arm and up are really quite dead as far as feeling goes – but still have all their strength and movement. My left hand is still mostly unaffected.

end of Craig’s update.

So Craig is now numb over most his left side. There is just a bit of his nose that is not numb. His fingers are tingling now but not numb yet. He is beginning to feel the numbness deeper inside his body. He has a constant headache on the right hand side – the side the tumour is on.

Craig’s diary

“Be still, and know that I am God” Psalm 46 vs 10. Can’t argue with that! Certainly helps keep us in check when we feel overwhelmed, which is often these days. Thanks for praying for us. We are very aware of God’s presence with us. I don’t know how I would cope with all of this if I did not know that He is God and that He is in control and His Will is perfect.

1/8/2011 evening

We didn’t hear from any drs today at all. The full body scan is tomorrow at 9:00am. We have to be at the hospital at 8:00am. This scan is to see if there are any other tumours in Craig’s body which would be primary tumours and that would make this one in Craigs brain a secondary tumour.

We are wanting to go to a funeral tomorrow as well at 11:00am. But I really think that Craig will be too tired to go. We will wait and see how he is at that time. But he is getting tired very quickly now. Actually it is not his body getting tired but his head getting tired. He has had a very slight what feels like a headache coming on but it doesn’t develop into a headache. So he must be becoming aware of the tumour in his head as it pushes against vital things. One part of the tumour is in a senstive part of his brain. Craig seems to be beginning to have problems with cognitive thought processes, coordination and awareness of time. Craig’s left side is now totally numb. He still has strength and movement and is walking. He is a bit slower now though as he concentrates on each step because of the numbness.

1/8/2011 morning

Have not heard from any drs yet.

Today we are increasing the Apricot Kernals to 5 three times a day. Craig is chewing them well just before each meal.

We are massaging Organic Hemp Seed Oil (Cannabis Sativa) into Craigs scalp several times a day.

Craig is having large amounts of Clinicians Family Vitamin C plus Bioflavonoids several times a day.

We have also added Spirulina and Wild Yam to Craig’s diet.

Craig is trying to drink 2 1/2 lts of deep well water a day and we will make sure he has some Himalayan Crystal Pink salt each day.

Craig has begun writing a diary. When we get time to type it out we will have it linked to this page. At the moment we are continuing to search out all the options we know about as well as the ones you are telling us about. It is a huge job trying to see what is going to be right for Craig at the stage he is at with the tumour he has.

Many people have asked what they can do to help. I guess as each day passes our needs will change too:

1.  Of course at the top of the list is prayer. We really appreciate all the prayer that has been made for us, especially for Craig. Please pray that we make the right decision regarding surgery. That is the biggest thing looming in front of us at the moment. We don’t know if this tumour can be operated on yet. We have lots of questions for the Wellington drs. when they contact us.

2. If you live nearby and have surplus organic vegetables in your garden (not likely at this time of the year – we have a few things) then Craig would love to have them. We are trying to have Craig on the cancer fighting things like red grapes with seeds, apricot kernals etc, plus budwigs and organic raw vegetables and fruit.

Deut 32:4?He is the rock, His work is perfect and all His ways are just. A God of faithfulness, good and upright is He…”





Craig is holding his grandson

Thank you so very much for all of your messages via email, Facebook, phone and personal visits and especially for your prayers. We really appreciate it. At the moment we are still fairly numb and coming to grips with everything. There is so much to take in and to try to understand in such a short time. We appreciate all the ideas, links and videos that have been sent to us. I will try to research them all out but time is short before serious decisions will need to be made.

Craig is almost totally numb on his left side now. He is not allowed to drive and now we have to keep close to him when he is walking around as he is unstable on his feet. This has happened so quickly.

We should hear from the drs in Wellington Monday or Tuesday and the CT scan is set for 8:00am Tuesday morning.

God is faithful! He will not allow us to be tempted beyond what we are able to bear, but with the temptation, He will give us a way of escape, so that we can endure it. He controls all things, even this. Please pray that the Lord, our Great Physician, would direct our steps and give us wisdom as to what, how and who He will use to bring full healing, if that is His will. And we know His will is always perfect, as is His timing on all things.

Isaiah 41:10

fear not, for I am with you;

be not dismayed, for I am your God;

I will strengthen you, I will help you,

I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

30/7/2011 late evening

Here is another link to a video and book by Bill Henderson that we have found to be very helpful:

The video

The ebook


I have just been massaging Organic Hemp Seed Oil (Cannabis Sativa) into Craig’s scalp.

Today we started a course of Colloidal Silver – 5ml three times a day for 5 days then 5mls a day.

So excited our friend Ty Bollinger has just got back to us. In his email he said “I have forwarded this to a good friend who is the best cancer doctor in the USA. He cured his own father of brain cancer.” So looking forward to what he has to say.

30/7/2011 evening

While we are considering the medical option of an operation we are not interested in any Chemo or any sort of radiation.We are reading books like “Cancer – Step outside the Box” written by Ty Charlene Bollinger who are very good friends of ours.

Discover the TRUTH about cancer that your doctor probably doesn’t know and the drug companies hope you never find out. If you’re concerned about the “C” word, then Cancer – Step Outside the Box is the book you’ve been waiting for.
As of today Craig changed his diet drasticly. He is now drinking deep well water which is full of wonderful minerals and no yucky chemicals. He begins the day with water then 5 Apricot Kernels followed by some dark red grapes where he chews the grape seeds.
He followed this a couple of hours later with his main meal of the day Budwigs I add heaps to it as well – several superfoods plus top it with home made yoghurt made with raw milk, bananas, walnuts, sliced almonds, LSA. vanilla, plus whatever comes to mind. I make my own cottage cheese from raw milk – very easy to make. 


I have found a few links that we really like:
And this video which is very helpful and informative:

TED Talks William Li presents a new way to think about treating cancer.


30/7/2011 morning

Here is the MRI Scan and some commentary from Craig:

Click on photo for larger image

Looking at the photo on the left hand side:

This is looking up from the bottom of the brain, so the white area left of centre is actually in the Right-hand side of the brain. It is a tumour, some kind of growth. The Dr said it is not an aggressive sort of invasive growth, since it is fairly well-defined. But it is a growth: the fact that it absorbed so quickly the heavy metal they injected into me while this MRI was being done that causes it to appear white proves it is a growth. And its location would explain the symptoms I have: this numbness all down my left side. So what is it? It is not an infection. There is no swelling associated with it. The next step is a full-body CT scan to see if they can pick up any other growth. The assumption there is that another growth in another part of the body might be a primary cancer and this one in the brain could then quite likely be a secondary growth of the same cancer type. Another strategy would be to do a biopsy to find out exactly what it is. Right next to the growth is what looks like an empty space. That’s what it is, with a lobe of the brain to the left of that space. So the growth is actually right there along one surface of the brain, although that surface is behind a brain lobe and quite a distance from the skull. And part of the growth does go quite deep, the Dr said, and is in a rather sensitive part of the brain. So this MRI was done Thursday 28 July and we were told all about it today, Friday. We even have a CD of all these neat images! The neuro surgeons in Wellington also have all this, and the Dr said we could expect to hear from them at any time to inform me of some options or to tell me of their favoured game plan. It has been remarkable and very gratifying to us that everyone has been getting onto the next stage of finding out what this is as fast as you could ever expect. There has been no waiting around for “results.”



Many people are asking about Craig’s health  as the word is getting around that he is not well. So we will put updates on this page.

A couple weeks ago Craig suddenly went all numb down his left side, from scalp to bottom of the foot. Actually, it crept up…he noticed it first in his foot really bad, then the whole leg, then rest of side. Upon reflection, he realised the scalp on the left had been numb for some time, but it was no big deal. The Dr got onto it straight away: ECG, blood tests, CT scan. All clear. But then the MRI. And the neurologist made an appointment to see us before he was even off the MRI table.  The Neurologist told us that Craig has a big tumor in his brain. Not the best news in the world, but as we tell all our Christian friends here, the Lord has the best sanctification programme out! Romans 8:28 and James 1:2-4. So Craig has another full-body CT scan on Tuesday 2 August to see if there are any other tumors in his body and encologists and neuro surgeons at Wellington Hospital are already working on a game plan. We hope to hear from them early next week.

To read page 2 of Craig Smiths health please click here:

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