May 6, 2021

Applying for an Exemption to Educate at Home



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15 Things Every Father Must Do With His Sons

15 Things Every Father Must Do

With His Sons

By Craig Smith

The main objective here is to help dads develop good personal relationships with their sons; to win their hearts and keep their hearts, so that the hearts of the sons will not as easily be enticed, seduced and captured by the many agents of subversion, perversion and evil out there committed to doing just that: stealing your child away from you.

Dads, I know how busy we get and how easy it is to tell the boy not to bother you just now. I know how tired we can be at the end of the day and what a hassle it is to have a few littlies crawling all over you, clamouring for a story. It is just so easy to tell them to go off and play somewhere else for a while.

But men, this is a recipe for the ruin of your family, a terrible habit to get into. It is the same mind-set the world around us has, one that looks for every opportunity under the sun to shunt the sprogs off somewhere else, anywhere else, as long as me and the wife can have a bit of relaxed time to ourselves. Listen, we have these sons and

daughters for only such a short season in life; they will be gone and out from under our influence and our roofs soon enough, and “me and the wife” will be on our own with an empty nest soon enough, desperately wishing we had those days back again. Let us not push them out by being emotionally or physically absent and unavailable to them. No! Instead, we need to learn how to invest in our children’s lives, disciple them for Jesus Christ to become fearless and committed soldiers of the Cross. This certainly won’t happen by itself.

This booklet is a first step along the way.

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Introduction to Home Education in NZ – $1.00 reserve on Trademe

Introduction to Home Education in NZ

$1.00 reserve on Trademe

only 2 day auctions

An Introduction to Home Education in New Zealand by Craig Smith – Updated

What does it cost, what are the legal issues, a bit about socialisation, can they get into University or the workplace after being home educated? What do the experts say? Was anyone of note ever educated at home? (On that last one, how about Wolfgang Mozart, Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers, Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Agatha Christie, Charlie Chaplin, Andrew Carnegie, Ben Franklin, Franklin Delano Roosevelt…and NZs own inventor of the jet boat, C.W.F. Hamilton.)

A5, 20 pages. NZD$5.00.

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The Baby Conference Audio Collection (MP3)

The Baby Conference Audio Collection (MP3)

“A Historic Family Summit on the Triumph of Life Over the Culture of Death”

Format: MP3 CD (2,200 minutes)

Product Number: 13466

Age Range: Great for the Entire Family

MP3 Audio Collection
Normally US $60.00 (NZ $ 82.50)


In Australia: NZ$
Other Overseas: NZ$

The Baby Conference Audio Album from Vision Forum on Vimeo.

When tragedy strikes in the delivery room, and the doctor says you must choose which life to save, whose life is more important — the mother’s or the baby’s?

When your aged parents are terminally ill and in constant pain, and they want to go home to be with the Lord, which act is more loving — to take away their food and water and let them die “naturally,” or to continue feeding them and thereby prolong their suffering?

There are 500,000 babies living as frozen, unwanted embryos in clinics across the United States. Eventually their cells will break down and they will die. Should Christian couples adopt these embryos and implant them into the wives’ wombs? Or is that a form of “medical adultery?”

What does the Bible say about birth control? Is use of the Pill lawful or unlawful according to Scripture? How can we end legalized abortion in America? And what are Christians’ responsibilities to defend life in view of the looming healthcare crisis?

These questions offer just a taste of the critical life-and-death issues covered in The Baby Conference Audio Collection, featuring speakers such as Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, Doug and Beall Phillips, Geoff and Victoria Botkin, Flip Benham, Kevin Swanson Jennie Chancey, and many more. Join them as they lay a biblical and ethical foundation for tackling the complex bioethical family issues confronting the Church in the 21st Century. Plus, explore practical ways to build a culture of life through adoption, child-birth, child-training, and more, and celebrate the joy and blessing of life amidst a culture of death—all part of The Baby Conference Audio Collection.

More than 38 hours.

Topics Include:

  • The Long War Against Babies
  • The Reward of the Fruitful Womb: Real Families Discuss the Rewards of Raising a Large Family for the Glory of God
  • Suffer the Children to Come: How to Love Those Children Who are Rejected by the Culture of Death
  • How to End Abortion in America: A Look at the Spiritual, Practical, and Constitutional Realities
  • How the Local Church Builds a Thriving Culture of Life
  • Surviving the First 50 Years of the Pill
  • Naming Babies
  • Symposium on Manhood and Babies
  • Symposium on Top Legal Issues Facing Parents
  • Fundamental Principles for Reforming Health
  • Ladies’ Tea with Michelle Duggar
  • What the Bible Says About Birth Control
  • Ladies’ Symposium: An Interview with Michelle Duggar
  • Children As Pets
  • Symposium on Biomedical Ethics for Birth
  • Ladies’ Symposium: Why We Must Be Ladies Against Feminism
  • The Indispensible Role of Grandparents in the Life of Children
  • The Demographics of Family Life
  • Michelle Duggar: Mother of the Year
  • Haiti’s Message of Hope to the Children of America
  • Symposium on the Hope of Adoption: Lessons for the Future of Adoption from the Great 2010 Crisis in Haiti
  • Ladies’ Symposium on Managing the Logistics of a Large Family
  • Symposium on the Future of Healthcare in America: How Must the Church and Parents Respond to Socialized Medicine, Medical Ethical Chaos and the Widespread Abdication of the Professing Church
  • Child Training: A Biblical Template
  • The Hopeful Theology of Miscarriage
  • The Myth of Overpopulation and the Coming Demographic Bomb
  • Symposium on Biblical Biomedical Ethics for the Infirm and Aging in the 21st Century: Brain Death, Organ Transplants, Euthanasia, and Care for the Elderly
  • Ladies’ Symposium on Preserving and Promoting the Highest Ideals of Christian Motherhood
  • Closing Session: Testimonials and Summary Remarks

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