September 21, 2021

Homeschooling on a Shoestring

‘Home School Heartbeat’: Homeschooling on a Shoestring

If you’re one of the many homeschooling families feeling senselessly trapped on a tight budget–just remember, it’s not too late to start saving money! From inexpensive curriculum, affordable teaching tools, to low-cost field trips, author Melissa Morgan talks about a few ways families can save on a shoestring budget and give their children a
rich education. Tune in for more on this week’s “Homes School Heartbeat.”

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Getting Started – Did You Know….?


*More than 6,000 New Zealand children are currently being taught by parents at home.

*Various curriculum options are available to cater for different educational philosophies.

*Local support groups meet regularly

*You don’t have to be a qualified teacher to educate your children well.

*Average parents routinely produce children with superior academic and social abilities

*You don’t need to expose your children to bullying, political indoctrination, drugs, immorality or head lice to receive either a first rate education or proper socialisation.’

Getting Started – Diagnostic Quiz

Print out to answer

A quiz to help parents determine the type of education that best suits them and their children:
State School….Private School…. Home School
This quiz is designed to be taken with one primary-aged child in mind.
(All children are unique…take another quiz with another child in mind.)

1. It is important that my child receives excellent academic training.
a — very
b — somewhat
c — not really

2. It is important that I do not “lose” my child through a communication barrier, spiritually, or because of a “generation gap”.
— very
b — somewhat
c — not really

3. My child does noticeably better when given more personal one-to-one instruction.
— definitely
b — somewhat
c — not really

4. The primary responsibility for the academic education of my child belongs to:
— me and my family
b — private enterprise
c — state schools

5. The primary responsibility for the social training (all around socialisation, including character and spiritual training) of my child belongs to:
— me and my family
b — society in general
c — state schools

6. My child is easily influenced by peers.
— very
b — somewhat
c — not really

7. I find myself teaching my child things during the course of natural conversation and everyday events (i.e., while shopping, taking a walk, doing the garden, driving, etc.)
— often
b — sometimes
c — never

8. It is important that my child’s curriculum be based on beliefs, Standards, values and attitudes that I mostly agree with.
— very
b — somewhat
c — not really

9. If I was tutoring just my own child at home, I could probably do as well as the average trained teacher with 25 children of mixed abilities and backgrounds in a classroom.
— probably could
b — not sure
c — no way

Number of As = x 3 =______
Number of Bs = x 2 =______
Number of Cs = x 1 =______
Total = ______

24 to 27: you should definitely be home schooling!
20 to 26: you should investigate the home schooling
14 to 19: Private or integrated schools may suit you best.
Below 14: You would probably be most comfortable with state schools.

Disclaimer: Quiz results are not to be construed as legal or professional advice.

Getting Started – You Can Home School

Getting Started – Email Discussion Groups

Email Discussion groups moderated by the Home Education Foundation:

HefNet is the New Zealand based Home Education Foundation email list discussion NETwork.
Established in July 1998, this group has expanded quickly and includes home educators with a wonderfully diverse range of political, religious, philosophical, and methodological views. This mix makes for some red-hot yet edifying debates!Moderated by Craig Smith, a trustee of the Home Education Foundation based in New Zealand.

ChedNet is the Christian Home EDucation NETwork Email Discussion Group. Discuss curricula from a Christian worldview, child development from Biblical rather than humanist presuppositions, discipline according to the Biblical pattern and for the Biblical reasons, time management, Christlike character development. Give praise to the Lord for His mercies, blessings and victories! All with like-minded people. Moderated by Craig Smith, National Director of Christian Home Schoolers of New Zealand.

CcedNet is the Christian Classical home EDucation NETwork Email discussion group of New Zealand. This discussion group is for those Christian families who would like to be training their children to think and not just to be concentrating on output (for exams or the ERO).A thoroughly Christian, thoroughly Classical education is one based on the approach known as the Trivium, as promoted by Dorothy Sayers, Doug Wilson and others.Moderated by Barbara Smith, Trustee of the Home Education Foundation.

TEACH-eForum (Thorough Education Achieved in a Caring Home) Forums have been held annually since 1996 in various parts of New Zealand, by Craig & Barbara Smith of the Home Education Foundation. They are designed to be gatherings of equals to discuss, share and explore any topic the home educators attending wish to raise.The Forums are open to any home educators, but are specifically intended for those carrying some responsibility within the local support group, such as co-ordinator, leaders, newsletter editors and other volunteers. It is also for those wanting to start up a support group or are involved in helping others in their home education endeavours. Diana Waring History Alive email discussion group.
For those who are using the Waring resources in New Zealand.Your questions can be directed to Diana Waring herself when necessary.

Other New Zealand email discussion groups:
Auckland South Home Educators


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