September 29, 2023

Beyond Covid

Home Education/Distant Education: Beyond Covid

Home Schooling/Home education/Distant Education 

We a need to keep our children safe

We have seen a huge increase of families wanting to educate their children at home since teachers have been mandated.

Educating a child at home can allow a parent to “light a fire in their hearts and minds” without competition or pressure. We want to give our children a love of learning, where they never stop learning. So how can we achieve this in our homes?

First of all according to the WHO, if your children are in school it is implying conformed consent for the jab because you could have prevented them from going to school on jabbed days.

Education choices
1. Public school
2. Private/Christian school (most receive State funding)
These two are out because they are no longer safe for our children

3. Distant education (possibly receive State funding, most probably don’t)
4. Exemptions/Registration for home education
These two are still possible because our children remain in our care. They are both still connected to the Government, so better to avoid if possible. (If home education is banned by canceling children’s exemptions/registrations or Distant education then we need to be prepared for…

5. Home educate/Distant Educate using Common Law/Sovereignty/Natural Law/Magna Carta/Equity Law/Law of Mankind/Constitution etc.
6. Home educate/Distant Educate (without State/Govt funding) hiring tutors – ? Setting up our own private schools (without State/Govt funding) where most Education happens at home (or the school if that is what the parent prefers).

7. Just begin educating our children at home

Now we are being told to expect the worse
But to hope for the best.

So the worst is that home education could be banned. There is NO talk of this at the moment in most Countries. We are just wanting to prepare for the worst and really hope that it doesn’t happen. Although Countries like Panama, Colombia, Latvia, and Ethiopia are facing increasingly unfavourable conditions. Along with Countries like Germany, Sweden and France it is banned or very restricted. So there is reason for us to be preparing for the worst.

Incase it does happen some of us need to be looking into our options in the Countries and States we live in. Most families are too busy with life and home schooling their children and just want to comply. We need to support them in this.

But I am looking for a few pioneers to find out about Law for Mankind/Sovereignty/Magna Carta etc in your Country and/or State and understand it. Then begin Home Education or Distance Education under this, and have the authorities come around, and leave you alone to continue Home Educating or Distance Educating.

Then we need you to come up with clear statements that you applied and were successful for two reasons:
1. For those other pioneers that want the Government out of their lives
2. If/when Home Education/Distance Education is banned then we need to share these statements around, far and wide, quickly, for others to follow, so they know they have an alternative to sending their children back to school.

I would love to have people looking into and studying groups like the Quakers, Amish and Mennonites. We are trying to get our heads around common law and Sovereignty etc. we want to find people already home educating like this to pick their brains.

There are several methods/styles/approaches that families have used over the years.

l would like to add to these approaches Beyond Covid as an approach. You may like to take one of the approaches above and expand on it, mix and match the approaches or start from scratch. So this approach would include the 3Rs – reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmatic. It only takes 2-4 years to teach these tools to our children. You teach a child how to read then they read to learn. Often boys learn to write a lot later than girls, they need to build their upper arm muscles  – so relax and let the boys guide you (less tears). Once our children have basic maths skills we can incorporate maths (and other subjects like science etc) in a lot of what we do. Some children will want to go a lot further in their maths (and other subjects) by taking on Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry etc for their future careers.

So what will education look like Beyond Covid?

We can brain storm with our children on this. Some ideas are:

1. Sourcing an old diesel machines: generators etc
2. Learning how to make diesel
3. Growing herbs
4. Making salves, ointments, tinctures, oils, herbal remedies
5. Growing gardens and orchids
6. To think independently of their/our peers
7. To be empathetic to those in need
8. Basic survival skills
9. Learning how to cook from scratch
10. Learning basic first aid
11. Leaning what weeds are edible or useful
12. Finances/budgeting
13. Protection
14. Communications
15. World views
16. History
17. Problem solving skills
18. Research
19. Logic
20. Music/drama
21. Basic building
22. Homesteading skills
23. Bee keeping
24. permaculture
25. Hunting/fishing/home butchery
26. Sewing, hand crafts
27. Hairdressing
28. Mechanics/engineering

29. Memory work, poems etc

30. For Christians: Family Worship; Individual Worship; Corporate Worship; memorising verses and books of the Bible

In other words everything we will be learning include our children. As we do some of the above or come up with other things with our children we will be modelling these things. They will be keen to learn them because we are keen to learn.

Almost half of all unemployed people hold educational qualifications but in a (1995) survey employers ranked qualifications at the bottom of a list of 20 desirable attributes for selecting potential employees, the Employment Service says.

In a survey of 500 randomly selected employers, qualifications came last in traits employers considered most desirable for employees.

1. attitude followed by:
2. honesty
3. tidy appearance
4. amiability
5. enthusiasm
6. reliability
7. communication skills
8. motivation
9. punctuality
10. experience
11. flexibility
12. fast learning
13. efficiency
14. commitment
15. knowledge
16. education
17. interest
18. personality
19. stability
20. willingness to work
21. skills AND
22. qualifications

The above attributes are what we want to see in our children and we can achieve these by working hard around our homes and in the community. As we bring our children home and in the circumstances we are in at the moment the above attributes maybe far more important than qualifications in the future.

Now some of our children will need to go on to get qualifications but the above attributes will help them to achieve their qualifications in a shorter time and possibly in new ways in the future.

Our three greatest tools when Home Educating and Distance Educating are:

1. Reading aloud to our children a lot during the day

2. Hospitality

3. Getting references whenever our children do work experience, help a neighbour or relative or any work, paid or volunteering. These references are like gold. Employers will often overlook qualifications for good references.

Things to consider:

1. Study the approaches above.

2. Fill out the registration forms/exemptions your Country or State require whether you send it in our not. It can be a helpful exercise for some.

3. Find others locally who will look into Law for Mankind/common law/Sovereignty/Magna Carta/Equity Law/Constitution etc. Study the issues, come up with clear statements you can use, apply them, see these tested by the authorities.
4. Then make a list of what you are doing, and what you did when the authorities came around, for families who won’t have time to do the study, and don’t want to put their children in school if Home Educators/Distant Educators is banned. Also add a couple of families and their testimony of how it worked for them.
5. Then if Home Education/Distant Education is banned send this statement to all Home educators/Distant Educators you know and to support groups – send it far and wide. It doesn’t matter if we double up in sending this to several people or several support groups. We will just need to get this information out, so people know they have an alternative to sending their children to school.

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