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Blenheim: Home education afternoon and evening 13 November

13 November 2008
Blenheim: Home Education afternoon and evening casual meeting
Time:    3:30pm onwards.
Venue: 18 Hathaway St, Spring Creek, Blenheim
Casual – come when you can. Bring and share tea planned for about 5:30pm. Discussions continuing after tea. We will be discussing, among other things, your rights as Home Educators and what is required by law for filling out your Exemption Form. This is a timely meeting because of the planned meeting with Hilary Clifton of the MoE in December.  
Contact:  Contact Rena  03 570-5143 tatts.family [at] slingshot.co.nz

An Introduction to Home Education in New Zealand

An Introduction to Home Education in New Zealand by Craig Smith

What does it cost, what are the legal issues, a bit about socialisation, can they get into University or the workplace after being home educated? What do the experts say? Was anyone of note ever educated at home? (On that last one, how about Wolfgang Mozart, Thomas
Edison, the Wright Brothers, Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Agatha Christie, Charlie Chaplin, Andrew Carnegie, Ben Franklin, Franklin Delano Roosevelt…and NZs own inventor of the jet boat, C.W.F. Hamilton.)

A5, 20 pages. NZD$7.00.

Please order by sending an email to barbara@hef.org.nz or ringing 06 357-4399 or on Trademe: Here

The Evidence of the Superiority of Home Education over Conventional Schooling

The Evidence of the Superiority of Home Education over Conventional Schooling

edited by Craig Smith

Comments by professional educators and others, research evidence, philosophers, government agents all agree the tutoring and mentoring aspects of home education allow ordinary parents to routinely produce students who are superior in both academic acumen and social engagement.

The twenty-three different snippets of evidence, with references both to professional journals as well as the Internet, are just the tip of the ice berg. There is more material here, given the Internet references, than youre ever likely to read. But this will put you on the trail of even more material. The evidence is indeed overwhelming.

A5, 12 pages. NZD$7.00.

To order do one of the following:

send email to sales@hef.org.nz with visa number

post cheque or visa number to 4 Tawa Street, Palmerston North, 4414

phone: 06 357-4399

Trademe: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Members/Listings.aspx?member=2366144

Training our Children

Training our Children by Craig and Barbara Smith

Two of New Zealand’s pioneer home educators share some of their best advice, borrowed and original, re-worked and developed, over 28 years of training their own eight children (some adopted) and fostering many others.

Topics covered include reading aloud, the art of buying used books, home discipleship, training our children’s minds, training our children in worship, keeping going when the going gets tough, marriage, discipline, interpersonal relationships, an integrated lifestyle and much more.

Paper back, 142 pages A5 size


Please order by sending an email to hef.barbara@gmail.com

Home Education Workshop, Sat. 18 October 2008

Home Education Workshop, Sat. 18 October 2008

9-5pm at Harmony House, 541Ruahine St., Palmerston North. $15 per person or couple or $5 per session.

Explore the many facets of the growing movement to educate your own children at home, providing a curriculum tailor-made to fit your children’s interests, abilities and learning styles. You can be in charge of what values they do and don’t get exposed to, how fast they advance and the levels of work and discipline that you are convinced are best.

Long-time home educating parents of eight, Craig & Barbara Smith plus former teacher and now home educator Erena Fussell, who have a combined total of 51 years’ experience teaching their own children at home, will explore legal and curriculum issues, burnout, motivation, vision, practical issues and more. A range of resource material will also be on display from the Home Education Foundation, LearnEX, Geneva Books, Dayspring Christian Academy, Issacharian Books, plus second hand items. More information at www.hef.org.nz, barbara@hef.org.nz or ring 357-4399.


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