John Mackay: Creation Research Days Auckland/Matamata/Morrinsville/Rotorua 8-15 September

We, Creation Research, are now taking registrations for the Auckland Creation Research Days in September 08, with John Mackay, International Director of Creation Research Ministries.

A great opportunity to sit under the teaching of an expert in the field of Creation Science Research. John is experienced in publically debating evolutionary experts, presenting lectures at universities, speaking at church events, and teaching children from both school and homeschool backgrounds.

Terrific family value. Cheaper and more educational than going to Rainbow’s End for a day!

Homeschool Seminar Day – Wednesday the 10th of September

* suits 6 yrs +
* Approx 9am til 3pm (see program below)
* Venue for up to 250 people- Glenfield Baptist Church, 46 James St., Glenfield, North Shore.
* Backup Venue (for larger numbers) — Windsor Park Baptist, 550 East Coast Rd., Upper Harbour
* Program 1 – Outline
o 9am Doors Open
o 9:30-10am Seminar 1 – Exciting FACTS about Creation from Genesis 1, 2 & 3
o 10-10:30am Seminar 2 – Dinosaurs – The Monsters God Made
o 10:30-11am Morning Tea Break
o 11-11:30am Seminar 3 – Man the Image of God
o 11:30-12:30 Questions and Answers
o 12:30-1:30pm Lunch Break
o 1:30-2pm Seminar 4 – The Evidence from DOWN UNDER for Creation and Flood
o 2-2:30pm Questions and Answers
o 2:30-3pm Finish

John will try to integrate information about the flood, coal, the races and the ice age into the day. There will also be 2, half hour brackets for questions and answers, so come prepared with questions and pick John’s brains.

Morning Tea will be provided for the Seminar Day. Please bring your own lunch. There are some bakeries and food bars within driving distance of the venue.

There will be a small creche at the church, available for use by parents with littlies on the seminar day and some room in the foyer for push chairs. With bigger numbers, space will be more limited. It could prove long day for the young ones.

_Costs are as follows for Earlybird Registrations
These Earlybird rates are only available until the evening of Saturday the 12th of July:

Seminar Day

$20 per person or $45 per family.

July 13th until September 1st Registration Fees_

Seminar Day

$25 per person or $50 per family.

On the day registration (if room is still available)

Seminar Day

$30 per person or $55 per family.

*_To register for the conference (or ask questions) contact:_*

If paying by cheque: *Nicky Waddell*

33 Gilberd Place Torbay
Phone 09 473-4135

Make Cheque payable to Kathy Creak (Creation Research)

If paying by internet banking: *Celeste Harmse*

20 Glen Marine Pde
09 837 1131

Internet Bank Account number: 38 9007 0832601 00

Please put family and mum’s first name in the reference field eg. “Kathy Creak” and also days being paid for eg. “Seminar” or “field” or “both days”

Please find a registration form attached (email Kathy or Celeste for the registration form) to this email. If you are paying by cheque, please print out this form and mail it to Nicky with your cheque.

f you are paying by internet banking, then please copy and paste the form into an email, and email Celeste.

No place confirmed without payment.
In registering for the event, you, as the parent or guardian, agree to take full care and responsibility, for the children you bring.

(On the day help still needed).

_Registrations for the Field Trip on Thursday the 11th of September are currently closed_ (Due to the high level of interest expressed after initial advertising)

Maximum number of 70 people allowed.
You are welcome to put your name on the waiting list (see above for contact details – Nicky Waddell or Celeste Harmse).

_Field Trip Details are as follows:_

* The day will start with a briefing session (Venue to be advised).
* Approx 9am til 3pm.
* Muriwai Beach -> Takapuna.
* Stop for lunch somewhere in between. Takeaways, or bring your own.
* The day will finish with a debrief session on the beach, before returning home.

If you end up being one of the 70 people to attend, you will be sent a pdf with more detailed instructions.
Costs for the field trip day are the same as the seminar.

Both days
$35 per person or $80 per family

Other John Mackay events

* Matamata Sept 6th-8th
6th evening, church talk
7th – 10am morning service, and evening service as well.
8th – morning session at Matamata Christian School
Public Debate that evening

* Morrinsville Homeschool Day Tuesday 9th Sept
contact Robyn Smith
Morrinsville Baptist Church, Moorhouse St. 9am til 2:30pm.

Start time as per program below. 9.00 am
I need you to register before the event, and payment details will be forwarded to people who are going to pre-pay so that I can write out one cheque to Creation Research.
It is a bring your own lunch.
I will have tea and coffee available for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, but all food is bring your own. Unless anyone would like to organise another alternative.
If you have any questions on this topic please come prepared as there is Question and Answer time available, so you can have them answered by John.
$15 per person, or $35 per family, as long as this is prepaid, to me, and I will pay to Creation Research, or you can pay on the day, but the cost will be $20 per person maximum of $45 per family.

CREATION GENESIS 1, 2, & 3: THE EVIDENCE  (Suits whole family)

9.00 am Doors open
9.30 – 10.00 Exciting FACTS about Creation from Genesis 1, 2 & 3
10.00 – 10.30 Dinosaurs – The Monsters God Made
10.30 – 11.00 BREAK
11.00 – 11.30 Man the Image of God
11.30 – 12.30 Questions & Answers
12.30 – 1.30 LUNCH BREAK (bring your own)
1.30 – 2.00 The Evidence from DOWN UNDER for Creation and Flood
2.00 – 2.30 Questions & Answer
FINISH (approx 2.30 – 3.00pm)

* Men’s Ministry with Beacon Baptist, 12th-15th Sept (Auckland – Rotorua)

Is God a Delusion? The Auckland Craig v Cooke Debate Online

Is God a Delusion? The Auckland Craig v Cooke Debate Online


Dr William Lane Craig and Dr Bill Cooke debated the moot “Is God a Delusion?” at Auckland University on 17 June 2008. The debate was chaired by Professor John Bishop and was organised by New Zealand Association of Rationalists and Humanists (NZRAH) and Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship (TSCF) with MandM.

High quality DVD copies of the debate are available from John Welch for $39.95 NZD + P&P.

MandM review of the debate is here.

William Lane Craig New Zealand Tour 2008

William Lane Craig is arguably one of the finest Christian philosophers of our time. His knowledge and skill have placed him on platforms on every continent, engaging the most notable skeptics in dialogue and debate. Ravi Zacharias.

Tuesday 10 June

Wellington, Lunchtime Q&A session with Christian Academics (12pm-1pm).

Wellington, Public Lecture, “Do we still need God in a self-sufficient age?” (7pm).

Wednesday 11- Saturday 14 June

Wellington, Victoria University, Conference: “Molinism: The Contemporary Debate“.

Saturday 14 June

Live Interview on Radio NZ National with Kim Hill (8.15am).

Sunday 15 June

Palmerston North, “A Perfectly Reasonable Faith”, Two Combined Morning Church Services (additional details here) (Central Baptist Church and Crossroads) (9am and 10:45am). Cost = FREE.

Palmerston North, Evening Church Service: “Does suffering disprove existence of a good and powerful God?“, Christian Community Church (map) (7pm-8:30pm). Cost = FREE.

Monday 16 June

Auckland, “A Critical Response to Richard Dawkins“, Lecture at LR1, Bible College on New Zealand, 80 Central Park Drive, Henderson (7pm).

Tuesday 17 June

Auckland, Debate with Bill Cooke, President of NZARH at Auckland University (7pm).

Auckland, Philosophy Department Seminar (pending).

A copy of the Auckland Dr William Lane Craig v Dr Bill Cooke debate on “Is
God a Delusion?” is now available online here:

Wednesday 18 June

Tauranga, “Christian Apologetics: Who needs it?” Bethlehem Community Church Centre, 183 Moffat Road (1pm-3pm).

Tauranga, “Is God a Delusion?“, Bethlehem Community Church Centre, 183 Moffat Road (7pm).

Thursday 19 June

Palmerston North, “Is God a Delusion?” – a public debate between Bill Cooke, vice president of the NZ Assoc. of Rationalists and Humanists, and William Lane Craig. The Regent Theatre on Broadway, Outreach at Town Hall (7pm-8:45pm). Cost = FREE.

Friday 20 June

Palmerston North, “Creation or Coincidence: The biggest question?”, a public lecture at the Russell Room at Wharerata at Massey University, (12:10pm-1:30pm). Cost = FREE.

Friday 20 June (7:30pm-9pm)

Palmerston North, “Who was Jesus of Nazareth?”, An evening of conversation and public outreach service with William Lane Craig, St. Albans Church, 339 Albert Street, Palmerston North. Cost = FREE.

Public Lecture and debate: William Lane Craig-16 & 17 June

Not to be missed!

16 June Lecture

17 June Debate

Take your teens; this is the BEST Christian apologist alive today.

Public Lecture:

A Critical Response to Richard Dawkins

Dr. William Lane Craig

Dr William Lane Craig is widely regarded as the foremost Christian apologist
in the anglo-american world. Dr Craig is the Research Professor of
Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology, California. He holds a PhD from
University of Birmingham (England) and a D.Theol from the University of
Munich (Germany). He has authored or edited over thirty books including, The
Kalam Cosmological Argument; Assessing the New Testament Evidence for the
Historicity of the Resurrection of Jesus; Divine Foreknowledge and Human
Freedom; Theism, Atheism and Big Bang Cosmology; God, Time and Eternity. He
has published over a hundred articles in professional journals of philosophy
and theology. He was President of the Evangelical Philosophical Society from
1996-2005 and is currently President of the Philosophy of Time Society.

7:00 pm Monday 16 June

Lecture Room 1

Bible College of New Zealand

80 Central Park Drive, Henderson

17 June Debate

Dr Craig will also be debating Dr Bill Cooke of the Rationalist Humanists at
Auckland University on the evening of the 17th June at 7pm at the Owen Glenn Building.

William Lane Craig,s NZ schedule is here: