ID071 – How to Glorify God by Honouring Parents

Dear Girls,

Happy New Year! May this newsletter (attached as a pdf id071-glorifying-god-by-honouring-parents.pdf) assist you as you think back over 2007 and make resolutions for 2008 and beyond!



Monday, 31 December 2007

Dear Girls,

How to Glorify God by Honouring Parents

Last week I shared with you how the Lord has been teaching me about being submissive. One of the best tools He brought my way was a book called, As Unto the Lord: a Tool for Wives Who Want to Glorify God. I shared about this book in the last newsletter. This week I want to share with you some of the questions in this book. The book asks questions to wives about their relationship with their husbands. I will change the questions slightly so they are directed to daughters regarding their relationship with their parents.

May I suggest that you read through them during your quiet time? Get off someplace by yourself where it is quiet, and you can sit and meditate on the questions without disruption. Use the questions to help you search your heart so the Lord can reveal to you areas you need to change, patterns of behaviour you need to correct and new habits you need to put into place.

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