Andrew Pudewa conference

Greetings All

I just had a fantastic day at the Andrew Pudewa conference in Palmerston North yesterday.

These conferences in New Zealand should have been compulsory for all home educators in New Zealand to attend. I highly recommend them that much.

Everyone of his sessions was fantastic. Some made me want to do more of his courses so that I could find out a lot more.

The talks that I listened to that I highly recommned that are also on in Auckland ( ) are:

“Narration, Copying, Dictation and Public Speaking”

-This is a MUST for all home educators. This is excellent, excellent, excellent. This is an incredible talk. This is the essense of Home Education. This is what it is all about.

“Spelling and the Brain”

-again an excellent talk. I have two pet hates as many of you know Sunday School verses and Spelling lists because these two train our children to forget. They learn them for the test then never review them again so forget them. Do that often enough and you are training your brain to forget. That is why when we are introduced to someone then have to introduce that person to another we can’t remember their name. We need to train our minds to remember. This talk will help with this. This is a fantastic talk. You must go to this talk if you want to help your child to learn how to remember their spelling and verses. Also go to it if you want to train your children’s minds to remember.

“”Teaching boys and other children who would rather make forts all day”

-This is absolutely fantastic. Again everyone should try to get to this. It is an amazing talk. Very, very, very, very helpful. Helps you to understand a lot more about the “learning” of your daughters and your sons. This is a must to go too. Please, please try to get to this session.

“Nurturing confident communicators”

-Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant talk. I love this talk. I really love this talk. I really, really love this talk, I really, really, really,…… love this talk. I hope you understant that I really love this talk. I would love for you all to get to hear this talk.

Actually the whole day was very beneficial. I am more than ready to get into our home schooling for the year. I am even more motivated to chuck out all the workbooks and excerise books (except maths books) and go with the really important things like reading, memorising (review, review, review), narration, copying, dictation and public speaking.

If you have been to my workshop “Training our Children’s Minds, The Tools of Learning and Motivation” then you will love this conference. Andrew is so much better at saying all the things that I say in that workshop, Actually I say it in 90 minutes and Andrew took all day saying it. What a difference. It was fantasatic.

I would love to hear other comments from those who were at the Christchurch, Nelson and Palmerston North Conferences. Please share so that others in the upper North Island hear and can then get to this amazing workshop. I want people to hear about the conference in Auckland before not afterwards.

Please feel free to post this on other lists – I want everyone to hear about it.



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