December 4, 2022

Links to media 2014

New Zealand

15/09/14  Nelson school bus caught speeding

15/09/14 High school student found comatose drunk

28/08/14 School’s calming proposal riles parents

20/08/14 Toddler strays from Dunedin preschool

17/08/14  Schoolboy hit by truck still “critical”

05/08/14 Teacher deregistered over sex with student

29/07/14 Teacher kicked, swore at students

24/06/14 Boy stabbed at South Auckland school

24/06/14 Ex-teacher faces serious misconduct charge

29/03/14 Help teachers to teach

29/03/14 Kids, 5, investigated over school sex claim

26/03/14 Kids dragged from school to school

28/02/14  Explicit sex class divides school

12/02/14 Teacher on sex charges

11/02/14 State school moves religious classes


07/10/14 They Are Coming for Your Children

26/09/14 Sandy Hook commission blames homeschooling

10/09/14 Obama Wants 6 Million Children In Preschool By The End Of The Decade

03/04/14 Common Core debate leads to mom’s suspension from son’s school

27/03/14 Parents fired up over bathroom incident at TUSD school

25/03/14 Mom Arrested for Not Signing in When She Went to Console Her Autistic Son at School


21/10/14 Christian school ‘downgraded for failing to invite a muslim imam to lead assembly’

30/01/14 Longer school days, shorter holidays and 45-hour weeks ‘could be the perfect manifesto to win the Tories the next election’


23/09/14 First grade girls at Toronto Catholic school forced to share bathroom with boy