Q & A with Craig Smith recorded 1 Sept 2011

Craig Smith of the Home Education Foundation and face behind the Home Education Q&A channel introduces himself. A participator in the home education movement for over 30 years, Craig was a pioneer and leader in the movement in New Zealand. He was the husband of Barbara and father to four natural, three adopted and one permanently fostered child under a guardianship arrangement and six grandchildren. His youngest child was born in 2005 so he planned to be in the game for many more years to come. He was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer 4 August 2011 and went to glory 30 September 2011. To find out more about home educating: https://hef.org.nz To find out about Craig’s fight with cancer: https://hef.org.nz/2011/craig-smith-26-january-1951-to-30-september-2011/

Recorded 1 September 2011

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My friend wants me to teach their kids too. Should I?

What extra curricula activities are there available to home educators?

What topics should I teach at home that never get taught at school?

What if my children have learning gaps?

Why should I consider home education? Pt 1-2

I’m a Christian but can’t I send my children to state schools?

Shouldn’t the government be paying me to home educate?

How do I cope with disapproving grandparents?

How do I cope with a disapproving church

How much should I spend per child each year on home education?

What is the difference between Greek and Hebrew education?

How should I home eduate special needs children?

I want to move to New Zealand. What is it like to home educate there?

Where is the best place to home educate in New Zealand?

Should we sing the national anthem every morning?

What is classical education?

How can I teach my children to think?

How should I teach my children about money?

How should I conduct family worship?

Should I put my child on ritalin? Pt 1 and 2

How do I keep my children from killing each other?

How can I home educate while I’m pregnant with twins?

How can I home educate while I’m sick as a dog?

How can I home educate and care for my elderly parent?

How should I teach reading?

Is the look say method really so bad?

What are the positives and negatives for field trips?

What if my application to home educate is declined?

What are the positives and negatives for textbooks?

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