September 29, 2023

Survey on Homeschooling for M. A. Dissertation

Note from Sarah Hickox of the University of London

I was homeschooled in the USA through 12th grade. I am now a Masters
student at Goldsmiths: University of London. I am studying Drama
and beginning research for my dissertation on the effects of using drama
as a learning tool in homeschooling. I have put together a survey
regarding different ways in which homeschooling families might use drama
(learning through roleplay, community theatre, etc.) I need to gather
respondents quickly. Is it possible for you to share this information with
your homeschooling group or association?

Dissertation on Drama & Homeschooling

Past and present homeschooling families please take the time to
participate in research conducted by Mississippi native and current
University of London student by filling out this online survey. The
research involves the ways that drama can used by homeschooling families
(including learning through roleplay, community theatre, etc.). Even if
you have not participated in theatre this is still valuable information
for the research. **You do not have to be currently homeschooling to take
the survey.**

Please complete this survey at your earliest convenience.

Feel free to share the link with your homeschooling network.

Thank you,
Sarah Hickox
University of London


From the Smiths:

Updated 2 June 2012: Life for Those Left Behind (Craig Smith’s Health) page 6 click here


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  1. Alex elliott says

    I am a current doctoral student at Brandman University in California. I am still in the process of deciding on a dissertation topic. I am planning on focusing on an aspect of homeschooling. I would be honored to read your dissertation or receive any encouragement from you! Thank you for your time.

    Alex elliott

  2. Here is a PhD dissertation done in New Zealand: