1.  Applying for an Exemption to Home School in New Zealand

Here are two very helpful  links:

The first is a cut down version of the exemption application, showing you exactly which comments the Ministry of Education (MoE) expects you to reply to:


The second is a lengthy letter giving all kinds of tips on how to answer the comments:


I’d suggest reading those two, having a go at answering the questions, then giving Barbara a ring at (06) 357-4399  or emailing Barbara your phone number and she will ring you (email him at barbara@hef.org.nz).

It seems complicated at first, but it really isn’t that bad at all. We can talk you through it. All free of charge. That’s why we’re here.

Websites and blogs:

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2.  Applying for an Exemption to Educate at Home now an ebook


3. Applying for an Exemption to Educate at Home


4. Contact details for the MoE when applying for an exemption


5. Web Links to help with filling out your exemption


6. A Bit of Political Advice to Home Educators


7. Some links here on Getting Started:


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