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Some books Ex Red Cross book Fair and ex library books

Mostly books are $1.00. Smallest order that I will post will be $5.00 plus postage. Can join lists together. Please state which list book comes from

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Will work out postage when you let me know what you would like. Please mention which list the books you want come from – thanks



Name                                    Author                 ISBN                Publisher

Program Evaluation $5 John M Owen 1-86373-462-7 Allen and Unwin
Philosophy and the Teacher $5 D I Lloyd 0-415-05894-5 Routledge
The Research Process $5 Gary D Bouma 0-19-553938-9 Oxford University
Research Methods in Education $5 Louis Cohen & Lawrence Manion 0-415-10235-9 Routledge
Politics in New Zealand $5 Richard Mulgan 1-86940-171-9 Auckland University
Social Policy in Aotearoa New Zealand $5 C Cheyne, M O’Brien, M Belgave 0-195588334-5 Oxford University
Te Mana, Te Kãwanatanga – The Politics of Maori Self-Determination $5 Mason Durie 0-19-558367-1 Oxford University
Principles of Macroeconomics $5Principles of Microeconomics $5 Thomas H BeveridgeThomas H Beveridge 0-13-440868-30-13-458753-7 Prentice HallPrentice Hall
NZ Society Study Guide 6-7 —- None Massey University
Human Development – Course Information —- None Massey University
Human Development – Course Information – Readings —- None Massey University
Book of Readings —- None Massey University
Life-Span Development $5 John W Santrock 0-697-23583-1 Brown & Benchmark
Law Government and Social Policy (& Supplement readings) Richard Shaw None Massey University
Government Policy, Planning and Administration – Book of Readings —- None Massey University
The Practice of Social Research $50.00 Earl Babbie 0-534-18744-7 Wadsworth
Maori Issues in Research —- None Massey University
The Treaty of Waitangi in NZ Society —- None Massey University
Understanding Education on NZ (info handbook and study guides, 1-5) —- None Massey University
NZ Society Administration Handbook —- None Massey University
Methodological Unit Two —- None Massey University
NZ Education Directory —- 1170-683X Snedden & Cervin
Social Policy – Intro —- None Massey University
Social Policy – Concepts and TheoriesLawGovernment and Social Policy – Supplementary Readings —- None 


Massey UniversityMassey University


NZ Society Study Guides 1-5 and 9-11 —- None Massey University

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