September 22, 2023

Services to Schools changes for home educators-National Library

Email from the National Library

I’m Kia ora

The National Library is currently updating all users about our new services, and in particular, our lending service changes for next year.  We want to make sure that all the home educators around the country know what is changing and how to get in touch with us if they have any questions.  We would very much appreciate it if you could please forward this to your members.

How to borrow resources from the National Library’s Services to Schools in 2016

This email is to update you on changes to National Library’s Services to Schools. From January next year the way you can borrow resources from the National Library is changing.

The aim is to provide you, as a home educator, with high interest print resources that support the development of inquiry skills (Inquiry Loans) and reading for pleasure (Reading Engagement Loans).


  • You can request a loan four times a year of fiction and nonfiction print resources to ignite inquiry learning and to stimulate reading engagement.
  • Your loans will include up to 8 inquiry items, up to 8 reading engagement items and the option to request up to 4 author/titles based upon your own author/title search of the Schools Collection catalogue or the National Library General Collection catalogue (maximum of up to 20 items per family per term).

Next steps

You will be contacted in January 2016 about how to register and order books online.

Other changes

In addition to the lending service, National Library is also developing and revamping the other services provided to New Zealand schools. These are:

•             Digital content service

The National Library is currently creating a digital content service that will make it easy for teachers and students to find useful and relevant digital content for a wide variety of learning contexts. This service will be introduced progressively during 2016.

•             Capability building service

This service includes professional learning and development opportunities, targeted initiatives, learning events and professional learning resources. The National Library will be continuing with its facilitated online courses during 2016 and its other capability building opportunities will be introduced progressively during the year.

If you would like more information on the services that National Library’s Services to Schools will be delivering next year then please visit  or email them on:

Kind regards

Services to Schools Transformation


Please share/forward this link with other home educators.


Needing help for your home schooling journey:


Here are a couple of links to get you started home schooling:

Information on getting started


Information on getting an exemption

This link is motivational:

Exemption Form online:

Coming Events:


Red Tape Cluster Buster Meetings and the Scoping Survey:

Harvest-a-bit-on-the-side – Cottage business details


A New Zealand email discussion group

Description from the Website

“A group for New Zealand homeschooling families only – buyers and sellers.
Wanting to support the homeschool community? Here is where you can find what other homeschooling families are selling. Please join us, the mail volume is low –
Monthly a list of business (most of them are small cottage enterprises) is sent to you. There are occasional emails when someone wants to announce a new product or special offers ( Please limit these to one per business per three months). You are welcome to ask if someone is selling what you would like to buy.
Whether it is a little cottage business selling books or a business your child has started or something bigger let us know.”

Here is a list of home education resource suppliers and other cottage businesses run by Home Educators in alphabetical order.

If you would like your homeschool business/ministry to be included on this list, please email the details to Michelle:
Your details need to be about 15 lines at the maximum. Thank you.

JUDITH ANDERTON ~ Avon Representative // Independent Rawleighs Distributor, based in Central Wellington, (some p&p may be added for out of town orders. But 4 more information or 2 buy ~ please contact me ~

Descriptions:  Printable Games for Thrifty Homeschoolers!  Print~Cut~Play~Learn.  Keep them motivated.   Give your children confidence, skills & a love of learning in Math, Early Reading & Geography simply by playing games.  All children love to play games!  All under $5.00 & links to FREE Educational resources.

The Broad Room
Started in 2002 by Stephanie Walmsley, The Broad Room is a place for encouragement and inspiration as  you homeschool your children. Stephanie offers study guides, homeschool diaries , courses and books as well as a blog and book recommendations. Read more at:

Visit us at We sell Rod and Staff, Pathway Readers, Creation Research and other Christian material (including Veggie Tales and Francine Rivers). email or phone (09) 296 6126 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (09) 296 6126      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

NZ HOMESCHOOLING GUIDE TO APPLYING FOR AN EXEMPTION A step by step guide through the application process for parents and homeschool groups. While the book itself costs $16 plus $2 p&p, I am happy to also provide free assistance to any parents struggling with their exemptions or unsure about the process. Contact Kay Christensen, at 

INTRODUCTION TO BIBLICAL HEBREW This is a 6-8 week Auckland course proposed for 2007, introducing high school students and adults to the language of the Hebrew scriptures (the Old Testament) without the commitment needed to study the language in full. The main objective is to equip Christians young and old with basic and practical tools to help in their bible study, improve biblical literacy and give greater appreciation and knowledge of God’s Word. Contact Kay Christensen, at .

We carry a large stock of, children’s toys, Ladies underwear, kitchenwear, novelty items, batteries, and more. A new feature to Discount Trader is we are now selling ESA schooling books. From yrs 3 up to yr 13. Tina

ECOLific Store
Family business, Mumma, 5 boys and 1 wee girl, (Daddy is the CEO and leaves us to it – except for deliveries and postage – hehe) (online – specialising in dehydrators, blenders, ceramic knives, healthy living, stainless steel drinking bottles, ECO soaps and lip smoothies – and more to come.  Information about the Raw Food diet – eating for health.) For your health, Jo Crozier

We are a homschooling family of 11, living in rural Northland. We sell products from No Greater Joy Ministries (The ministry of Michael and Debi Pearl)and Lamplighter Publishing. Please feel free to contact us with your questions. Paul & Crystal Bakulich ‘The Harvest’ 09 439 1457

Heavenly Herbs
Maree Murphy, Christian Medical Herbalist. Home-based business run by Maree(ex Science teacher and homeschooling Mum for the last 19 years). We sell a range of herb teas, creams, fresh and dried herbs, herb salts, herb tea pots, Epsom salts etc. The creams have natural ingredients and no nasty parabens or sodium laurylsulphate which may be carcinogenic. Where possible we use herbs grown organically on our quarter acre property. Email –
Website –

**Publishers of Keystone Journal of Christian Home Schoolers, a quarterly magazine to inform, challenge, encourage and inspire with regular columns such as the    Feature Family, Faith of Us Fathers, Home Education Research, In Line with Scripture, Tough Questions, Graduates Speak, etc.
**We also publish a bi-monthly TEACH Bulletin full of current NZ legislative, political, school and university trends which may impact home educators.
**Books written and/or published by Craig and Barbara Smith: Training our Children; “”NEW”” Applying for an Exemption to Educate at Home $5.00 including postage; An Introduction to Home Education in New Zealand; The Evidence of the Superiority of Home Education over Conventional Schooling; Negotiating the Curriculum Maze by Carol Munroe; 15 Things Every Father Must Do with His Sons; Your Worldview has Implications and The Christian Imperative; Santifying Your Sons and Daughters; Preparing for an ERO Review

**also sell: TimeChart History of the World; Books, CDs and DVDs on strengthening the Christian family plus more including books from and
PO Box 9064, Palmerston North, ph. (06) 357-4399,, Craig and Barbara Smith, Free call 0800 100 692 

Issacharian is working to equip men, women, boys and girls so that they might understand the times in order to know what to do. Issacharian has a publishing arm, a bookselling arm and an email newsletter called Issacharian Daughters to encourage and exhort girls at home. The books sold by Issacharian Books include So Much More by Anna and Elizabeth Botkin, Emotional Purity by Heather Paulsen, Raising Maidens of Virtue by Stacy McDonald, Christian Modesty and the Public Undressing of America by Jeff Pollard plus others.  Issacharian also publishes and sells four Bible studies for girls by Genevieve de Deugd (nee Smith) and the Botkin sisters. All of these books and Bible studies, while appropriate for men to read, have been picked specifically for the equipping of women in their role, to give them a vision for Christian modesty, to help them to guard their hearts, to promote Godliness in their lives, to encourage them to grow closer to their Saviour and to love Him more. To order books or to make equiries, contact Issacharian Books, 4 Tawa Street, Palmerston North, 06 357 4399 or fax 06 357 4389, Free Call 0800 100 692

Home-based business run by an ex teacher (don’t hold that against me <g>) and now home educating mum. I am absolutely passionate about learning and my #1 aim with this business is to help YOU help your children achieve excellence. Good selection carried of local and overseas material across all subject areas. We only stock resources that we know really well and can therefore personally recommend. If we can’t help you, we’ll point you in the direction of others who can. We import classic reading books on demand but otherwise everything is held in stock. Phone for an afternoon appointment or
check out our website. Web: . Full online shopping facilities.
Email list: . Specials, new products, helpful tips etc.
Complete product lists may be downloaded from the website or requested by emailing us on

I import and sell (on a very small scale), home schooling “how to” type books, such as the “Charlotte Mason Companion”, “Educating the Wholehearted Child”, and “The Well Trained Mind”.  I also stock the “Story of the World” Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4, and Activity books.  I have some of Michael and Debi Pearl’s books and tapes, including the tremendously popular “Created to Be His Helpmeet”.  And I have a range of good reading books too. I have a catalogue I can email to interested people. Paulette Fawcett Lenabosa

Lew & Angela Meyer Life Quest Resources
Christian books and DVDs to equip and educate Christian young people “Handling Hot Hormones” 5-episode DVD series about relationships and following Jesus “Life Quest” 16-episode DVD presentation of the evidence for the truth of Christianity and how to live for Jesus. “RAD” 8-episode DVD teen version of Life Quest with young actors “Which Faith is True?” A small book about evidence for the truth of Christianity compared to other religions.
“When Life’s a Mess” A small book on emotions, depression, suicide and faith. “Youth, Love and the Sex Explosion”. A small book on relationships, sex
and dating.

I run a training and distributing company to help special needs families and professionals teach maths to their children. This programme uses Numicon and other maths equipment in a new and fresh way that is having wonderful success around the world. This year I am running courses in Christchurch, Wellington, New
Plymouth and Tauranga through the New Zealand Down Syndrome Association. The Numicon programme was developed in the UK from the work by
Catherine Stern who was a strong advocate for using manipulatives for learning maths concepts. This programme would be a great support to families with children who have Down Syndrome, autism and dyspraxia. I do not know about other groups who may benefit from this. It is very new to NZ. You may contact me personally on for further details.

Nouthetic counseling consists of lovingly confronting people out of deep concern in order to help them make those changes that God requires.
*Nouthetic Counselors of New Zealand (NCNZ) offer counseling to those who need Biblical help with addressing and resolving matters of personal concern.
*NCNZ provides comprehensive training for those who are interested in gaining greater knowledge of the Word of Truth together with the practical application of God’s Word. 029-247-5133
Nouthetic Counseling Books:
Craig and Barbara Smith, PO Box 9064, Palmerston North, ph. (06) 357-4399,, Free call 0800 100 692

Pickled Pepper Proofreading
Send me your document – big or small – as an e-mail attachment, and I will give you a free quote. I guarantee your satisfaction: if you’re not smiling, I’ll return your money! E-mail me any time at

Real Special Ltd is an online business specialising in products for those with special educational needs, e.g. reading difficulties. It was set up by Carole Bennett who is a primary teacher, teacher of of Special Needs and also a teacher of the Deaf. This year Carole has taken a year out from teaching to home-school her teenagers and also to concentrate on Real Special. The products are mainly software and several items come in home versions making them suitable for home schoolers.  Please note these items are not Christian content. We also sell Go Talk communication talkers for those with cerebral palsy etec and have a range of software for those with profound special needs.  For any advice, please contact Carole 03 526 6066

Inspirational Scripture Cards:  $3.99 each or 6 for $19.99
Professional quality photographs with Scripture quotes.  Great for an extra special note of encouragement as well as excellent gifts for that special someone.
Photographs also available in framed prints.  Frames come in 3 sizes (small, medium, and large).  Prices to fit any budget!  (ranges from $24.99 to $49.99) 10% discount given to homeschool families Contact

Systematic Phonics NZ is an easy to use phonics programme. It was created by a homeschooling mother of nine children who holds a degree in Education and Philosophy from the University of Auckland. Systematic Phonics is distributed on a CD and so is very versatile. You can print it all out at once, or just a specific section as appropriate. Also, with Systematic Phonics, you spend your money once, and see it used twice; you get the benefit of a sound, easy to use phonics programme, whilst 80% of your purchase price is donated to The Life Foundation in India. For more info please see or email On our website, you can download sample sheets, and you can also purchase Systematic Phonics securely using your credit card.

Steve and Debbie Ball (home educating for 17 years) and family in rural Nelson seek to encourage and equip others as they seek a gentle, natural lifestyle.  Handmade wooden items, Tui Balms, buckwheat husk pillows and cushions, lovely beautiful natural things and a blog full of family and home education advice.

World Vision resources

World Vision resources

Email from Don Benn of World Vision


My name is Don Benn and I am a Schools Relationship Coordinator with World Vision.  In addition to schools we also try to engage with students in various other groups – including churches, non-church groups, and home school groups.  I have personally connected with a couple of home school groups in the last year and thought it would be good to approach you regarding our resources.  I wonder if it would be appropriate for you to make these resources known to those involved in Home Schooling in New Zealand.  I have outlined below, with a brief detail, some of the resources we offer.  If you would like more information on them please reply and I would love to follow up on them.

1.     GLC (Global Leadership Convention).  This is a student leader (Year 11-13) leadership training day aimed at empowering and inspiring young leaders who are hungry to influence their world.  They are encouraged to think globally and are equipped with practical leadership skills.

2.    40 Hour Famine.  This is a practical way for students to act on global issues.  They are part of a national fundraiser which last year raised over $2.4 million, involving over 120,000 people in New Zealand.  It is also something which can be incorporated into learning as a practical component of a unit relating to food and hunger – for example.

3.     Education Resources.  World Vision has education writers who produce resources (resource folders, DVD’s, posters, textbooks, worksheets, simulation games) on issues like water, food, child labour, HIV & AIDS, Disasters, Conflict, and various case studies.  These resources can be found on our website (  In addition we have Schools Relationship Coordinators based in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch who are more than willing to show you samples of those resources.

4.     Smiles.  Smiles is a catalogue of gifts that can be purchased for people in poorer nations.  It ranges from $5 items up to $1300, and covers gifts relating to water, food, shelter, hygiene, education.  It is a great practical way to finish a unit of work which relates to one of these topics.  Learning about a topic is great, and the opportunity for students to feel like they have been able to do something about what they have learned is like icing on the cake.

I would love to hear from you and see how World Vision can complement the learning already being done in home school groups around New Zealand.

Donald Benn
Schools Relationship Coordinator
Follow us on
Mobile: +64 21 0200 9200
DDI: +64 9 580 7700
Fax: +64 9 580 7799

NZ Homeschooling Suppliers

Finally, here it is: The long awaited list of NZ Homeschooling Suppliers!

Produced in association with LearnEX and the Home Education Foundation. This list will also be posted to and also within the next few weeks (after we recover from conferences and weddings!)

I would like to gratefully acknowledge the help of Craig and Barbara in putting the list together. Although I have tried to be as accurate as possible, you may notice errors or omissions so, in that instance, please mail me privately and I will update the list for next time. Most of these vendors have printed price lists they can email or post to you so feel free to contact them direct.


NZ Homeschooling Suppliers

This list is for NZ suppliers that import/hold overseas stock or produce NZ
materials with a major homeschooling focus.

Better Way Books
Major focus: Christian, parent help, church history, historical fiction
Bethlehem Books
Trail Blazers
Master Books
Focus on the family
Christian Liberty Press
Classical Academic Press
Other major Christian publishing houses
Paul & Brenda Hill
Ph 09 266 5389

Major Focus: Printable Games for Thrifty Homeschoolers!
Jane Buckley

CES Books
Major focus: Curriculum, World View
Saxon Maths
A Beka
Nothing New Press
Five in a Row
Backyard Scientist
Making Math Meaningful
Steve & Teri Maxwell
Wholeheart Ministries – Sally Clarkson
Learning Language Arts through Literature
Common Sense Press
Diana Waring Materials
Mac and Tab readers
Wordly Wise
Pathway Readers and Workbooks
Christine Miller History Titles
Worldview Materials
Truth Quest History
Andrew Crowe NZ Science titles
Plus other titles…
Phone 06 374 7630

Creation Literature Society
Major Focus: Creation Science
Answers in Genesis
Bob Jones
Lionel Horton
3/91 Cook Street, Howick (viewing by appointment)
Ph 535 8420

Creaky Corner
Major Focus: Creation Science, resources for preschoolers
Creation Research Materials
Rod & Staff
Veggie Tales
Happy Day Books
Heroes of the Faith (going out of print) and for young readers
Miscellaneous Christian Material
Kathy Creak
Ph (09) 29 66 126

Curriculum Concepts
Main focus: NZ Based workbooks

Major Focus: Homeschool lending library, science equipment, stationery
PO Box 9064,
Palmerston North
06 3550721
027 241 7354

Major Focus: Stationery, reading and craft supplies
Reading Books
Craft supplies

Geneva Books
Major focus: Curriculum
Christian Liberty
Italic Handwriting
Mystery of History
Rod & Staff
Nancy Wilson – Latin & Logic titles
Bob Jones
Wibo & Lisa de Jong
34 Rewarewa Street, Tokomaru
Ph (06) 329 8097

Home Education Foundation
Major focus: Parent encouragement, family, advice & support, lobbying, speaking
Keystone Magazine
TEACH Bulletin
Trivium Pursuit
Logic & Worldview
Vision Forum
Timechart History of the World
Publications that focus on family roles
Exemption advice and encouragement
Help with ERO reviews
Plus many others…
Ph: (06) 354 7699
PO Box 9064
Palmerston North
New Zealand

Home Education NZ
Major Focus – Accelerated Christian Education
Home Education NZ
9 Ruahine St
(07) 544 6423 (during business hours)

Home Learning Publications
Major Focus: NZ Based Workbooks
Clive and Ruth Aim
22 Fox Road
Ph: 06 344 3097

HomeSchooling NZ
Major Focus: Accelerated Christian Education
Ray Green
P.O. Box 343
Dannevirke 4942
New Zealand
Ph (06) 374 5597
Fax: (06) 374 5597
Mobile: (027) 5466 082

Integrated Education
Major focus: Integrated unit studies
Interact Curriculum
NZ History Alive!
Graham Braddock Art Card series
PO Box 757
Auckland 0932
+649 424 3700

Institute for Excellence in Writing
It will take your children right through to University level English and even at University level. Spelling, Poetry and the effects of music on living things as well. Hundreds of home ed children have done the programme in Christchurch and other parts of New Zealand it really works.
Orders and questions

Isaccharian Books
Main Focus: Family Values, Womanhood
Issacharian Publishing
Issacharian Daughters
Issacharian Clothing

Main Focus: Curriculum, Classical gifted & extension, advice & support,
homeschooling events
Apologia Science
Artistic Pursuits
Critical Thinking
Draw Write Now
Easy Grammar
Jim Weiss Audio CDs
Jolly Phonics
How Great Thou Art
Knowledge Quest
Modern Curriculum Press (excluding maths)
Memoria Press
Story of the World
Targeting Handwriting
Write Shop
Writing Strands
Yesterday’s Classics
Plus others…
Erena Fussell
Ph (09) 269 23532
Shop 1
908 Heretaunga Street East

Margi Leech
Main Focus: Programmes for Children with Learning Difficulties
Handwriting without tears
Ph 520 4022

Lenabosa Books
Main Focus: Classical and parent help books
Paulette Fawcett
47 Upper Sefton Road
R D 2
Rangoria 8254
Ph 03 312 9557

Montessori Shop
0800 111 036
Inexpensive and quality montessori equipment.
Pohutukawa Books

Ryan Publications
Major Focus: NZ based Maths, English, Grammar, Social Studies and Science workbooks
180 Raumati Road,
Raumati Beach 6010
Ph/Fax 04 902 6331

Secondhand Books

Systematic Phonics NZ
Main Focus: Systematic phonics
Michelle and Luka Bramwell
Glen Murray
RD 5 Tuakau 2695
(09) 233 3011
(027) 476 4760

Tisa Education
Main Focus: Curriculum, tutoring & assessment
Singapore Math
Singapore English
Singapore Science
Modern Curriculum Press Maths
Duncan & Glenyss Lennox
Ph (06) 879 9752

Available from:
Wellington Home Schoolers Assn.
c/- 115 Gemstone Dr.
UPPER HUTT (Price=$10)
Manawatu Home Educators, Inc.
PO Box 9064
Auckland Home Educators
PO Box 91530
Auckland Mail Centre
Canterbury Home Educators Inc.
PO Box 8544, Riccarton

The Broad Room
Main Focus: Tutoring, consultations, training courses
Stephanie Walmsley
The Broad Room