October 4, 2023

Book list 55 – last updated 08/04/15

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Some books Ex Red Cross book Fair and ex library books

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Abigrinial Art

Name                 Author              ISBN                     Publisher

English Kim Marshall 0-8388-1720-3 Educators Publishing
The Coast of Oregon (2x) Michael Breuer and Peter Jensen 0-19-540627-3 Skyline
Next 5 books – $5.00 the setA Closer Look at Aboriginal Art Alex Barlow and Marji Hill 0-7329-3581-4 MacMillan Education
Passing on the Traditions of Aboriginal Art Alex Barlow and Marji Hill 0-7329-3583-0 MacMillan Education
Art of Arnhem Land Alex Barlow and Marji Hill 0-7329-2578-4 MacMillan Education
Rock Art Alex Barlow and Marji Hill 0-7329-3579-2 MacMillan Education
Art of the Desert Alex Barlow and Marji Hill 0-7329-3577-6 MacMillan Education
The next 16 beautiful books $20.00 the setLabrador Robert Stewart 0-7054-0369-6 Time Life
Borneo John MacKinnon 0-7054-0099-9 Time Life
Mexico’s Baja California William Weber Johnson 0-7054-0380-7 Time Life
The Great Barrier Reef Craig McGregor 0-7054-0092-1 Time Life
America’s Northwest Coast Richard L Williams 0-7054-0381-5 Time Life
Cactus Country Edward Abbey 0-7054-0382-3 Time Life
The Andes Tony Morrison 0-7054-0162-6 Time Life
Hawaii Robert Lewis 0-7054-0160-X Time Life
Africa’s Rift Valley Colin Willock 0-7054-0096-4 Time Life
Wilderness Europe Douglas Botting 0-7054-0159-6 Time Life
Caribbean Isles Peter Wood 0-7-54-0166-9 Time Life
The Himalayans Nigel Nicolson 0-7054-0094-8 Time Life
Lapland Walter Marsden 0-7054-0161-8 Time Life
The Rocky Mountains Bryce S Walker 0-7054-0098-0 Time Life
The Grand Canyon Robert Wallace 0-7054-0091-3 Time Life
Alaska Dale Brown 0-7054-0095-6 Time Life
Strange Worlds, Fantastic Places Reader’s Digest 0-86449-030-5 Reader’s Digest
Secrets of the Sea Reader’s Digest 0-86449-006-2 Reader’s Digest
Nature’s Masterpieces Reader’s Digest 0-86438-962-0 Reader’s Digest
The Secret Life of Animals Reader’s Digest 0-86449-016-X Reader’s Digest
Power Shift Alvin Toffler 0-533-05776-6 Bantam
When Jays Fly to Bárbmo Margaret Balderson None Oxford University
The Concise Oxford Dictionary —- None Oxford
Creative Time Jacque Piggott and Robyn Williams 0-473-05022-6 Creative Mums
The Value of Respect $5.00 Ann Donegan Johnson 0-916392-14-7 ValueTales