KEYSTONE Vol.XI No.V1 Nov 2005

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Feature Family: Dirk & Joanne Den Harder

The Faith of Us Fathers: A Father’s Resolutions by Cotton Mather

Teaching Tips: The Wonders of Classical Music by Jude Wanniski

When the Going Gets Tough:Rest for Weary Homeschool Mums by Jane Bentley

Bits of Books: WARNING! Public Schools Aren’t for Christians!?? Part 5 by Richard “Little Bear” Wheeler

Worldviews in Focus: Christians, Dominion and Filmmaking by Douglas Phillips

Graduates Speak: “Amputation” and the Art of Christian Parenting by Amber L. DeLadurantey; Convocation Speech by Noah Riner

Home Educators Did It!:  Journal Entries by Isaac Botkin

Over a Cuppa: Seven Weeks in the USA by Craig Smith


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