September 27, 2023

Introduction to Home Education Foundation

The Home Education Foundation has been informing parents since 1986 about the fantastic opportunity to de-institutionalise your sons and daughters and embrace the spiritual, intellectual and academic freedom that is ours in Christ. Through conferences, journals, newsletters and all kinds of personal communications, we explain the vision of handcrafting each child into a unique individual, complete with Christian character qualities, a hunger for service to others, academic acumen, a heart for the lost and a strong Biblical work ethic.


The state drove a huge wedge between parents and children with the establishment of compulsory, secular schooling institutions in 1877. Today the vast majority of parents and children, having been forced by law to live in two separate worlds for the last 141 years, are completely alienated from one another….and everyone thinks it’s normal. The Home Education Foundation works to re-establish family cohesion so that families can truly be, once again, the uncompromised and unchallenged foundational units of society.



Barbara Smith

Home Education Foundation

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Serving, promoting, defending and publishing for Christian and secular home educators in NZ and overseas since 1986.


Unless we press the crown rights of the King [Jesus Christ] in every realm, we shall not retain them in any realm. — Cornelius van Til