Trevlyn McCallum’s visit to the North Island Oct/Nov 2015

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Trevlyn McCallum from has a business trip to Auckland at the end of October. We have been talking, he would love to take his family with him on this business trip. I talked to him about how I go around the South Island and talked about how we could help make this happen in the North Island – similar to woofers. I go around the South Island speaking at a town and then they provide accommodation and evening meal and breakfast. Trev and his family would be on a modest budget so the only way they could visit the rest of the North Island would be in this fashion. We can bless him and his family and I know he will bless us and challenge and encourage us. So I said that I would try to set up something for him. He is passionate on many fronts, stood in the last elections and would fit into the profile of the speakers you would like to have at the conferences.

Here are some links:

Reformed Resources:


When standing for Parliament in 2013:

Trevlyn’s bio for the Gospel Agenda Conference:

If you google Trevlyn’s name you will come up with a lot more.

His itinerary:

23 October 10:10pm arrive Auckland

9 November 8:40am leave Auckland

23 October  (Accommodation: Brian and Jillian)

24 October available to speak at a conference in Auckland (Accommodation: Brian and Jillian)

25 October available to speak at a Church meeting in Auckland or surrounding area (Accommodation: Brian and Jillian)

26 October available for meetings in the morning and early afternoon in Auckland (no need for accommodation)


30 October Hamilton (Accommodation: Paul and Helen)

31 October Hamilton possibly day trip to Tauranga or available for a meeting in Hamilton or Tauranga (Accommodation: Paul and Helen)

1 November Hamilton or Tauranga ? available to speak at Church meeting (Accommodation: Paul and Helen)

2 November  Taupo Meeting 7pm Family Economics

contact: Murray and Sharon

venue: 353 Oruanui Road, Taupo (Accommodation: Murray and and Sharon Drinnan)

3 November Taupo  (Accommodation: Murray and Sharon)

4 November Possibly travel to Masterton via Napier/Hastings or take in Mt Bruce (Accommodation: Jane)

5 November Meetings in Masterton (Accommodation: Jane)

6 November Travel to Bart and Alison via Wellington (Accommodation: Bart and Alison)

7 November Conference in Palmerston North/Wanganui/Levin area Contact: Bart and Alison 07 281 1464 (Accommodation: Bart and Alison)

8 November travel north from Bulls to Auckland for early morning flight next morning (Accommodation: Brian and Jillian).

Some of Trevlyn’s talks and bio:

“Economics/stewardship from a familial and Biblical perspective is something I am passionate about. I have also done a lot of study in this area. I have also worked within financial services for 15 years and am a financial adviser.
“A talk on debt is also an important topic and so is raising children to be entrepreneurial, diligent hard workers in their God ordained roles is also important.”

“I am thinking of the following talks for a Christian audience: 1. The Gospel shapes everything, 2. The Gospel and family, 3. The Gospel & education.
I can do a generic talk for a non Christian setting: Home Education, shaping our future.
I have a few sermons I can preach too.

  Talks for a Family Economics Conference could include:

What is economics,
A family economy,
The Gospel and the household.

My short bio can be found here:

“Trevlyn McCallum is married to Susannah and father of five lively home educated children. He is the founder of Reformed Resources (, an Australian ministry that encourages Christians to apply all of Scripture to all of life, to the glory of the reigning Messiah, Jesus. Trevlyn works as a financial adviser for a Hobart small business and has completed a postgraduate degree in international business.”

I would love to make something happen for Trevlyn and his family. At the same time I know anyone who meets up with him and his family will be blessed, challenged, encouraged in the Lord.

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