This proposed bill will show the New Zealand Government to be punitive and untrustworthy

Brief submission

I OPPOSE the Social Security (Benefit Categories and Work Focus) Amendment Bill

I am a married, home schooling woman with 3 children, aged 17, 15 and 7 years old. My marriage is precious to me, and I consider it the most important and
beneficial contribution to society that I can ever make as I invest myself and my time in raising my children to be moral, well educated, motivated, skilled, capable, contributing young people. My husband and I do not blindly parent, but choose to make informed decisions in all aspects of raising our children. To have a government want to pass legislation that basically says – if you are not financially self supporting you therefore relinquish your rights as a parent to us, we know what is best for you and your child and until such time as you are financially able and independent again, we will rule rough-shod over you. This proposed bill would remove the rights of parents on benefits to make their own, informed choices based soundly on the knowledge of their own child and the family units values and moral beliefs. If these parents would not give up their rights, would not back down from their sound moral and principled decisions, they would then be accordingly punished. More to the point, the children of those parents would be the ones discriminated against and punished by the very same Government that is pa-porting to have the child’s welfare and best interests at heart. A parent with no concern for their child, other than seeing it as a free meal ticket, would quickly alter their behaviours and choices so as not to lose 50% of their benefit and face intrusions into their lives from government services. The one size fits all approach of this bill is pure bullying tactics. It will be the children of parents who DO care and have chosen to actively be a part of their child’s education, nurture and upbringing, who are going to be discriminated against.

This proposed bill will show the New Zealand Government to be punitive and untrustworthy. New Zealand has understood and stated its ratification to the United Nations and the Declaration of Human Rights International Standards (E/C.12/1999/10, Article 13.29). If this Bill becomes law, New Zealand will not only be in the
international spotlight as a country that holds contempt for The United Nations and their bills for Human Rights, but there will be more broken families and
troubled children.

Please do NOT pass this bill into law.

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