Healthy people build healthy communities. Healthy family attachments build healthy people.

We OPPOSE Social Security (Benefit Categories and Work Focus) Amendment Bill

All parents WITHOUT DISCRIMINATION should have the right to choose what environment is best for their children’s learning and emotional development. Many parents know that sending a 3 year old to an ECE is not the best environment for this to happen. It is not in children’s best interests to be forced into compulsory ECE attendance. Much research backs this up.

Canadian development psychologist Dr. Gordon Neufeld says children should start attending school later, not earlier. “Early learning” programs for young children have no benefits for kids so why do governments want to coerce 3 year olds away from their parents?

Helen Ward also says “In order for children to grow up into the mature adults we desire them to be, they have to spend time with adults they are attached to, not their own likewise immature peers”. Parents should NOT be coerced into being separated from their children through forced daycare. This is a violation of parental rights.

The Human Rights Act of 1993 states, “Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children”. This new bill is a breach of MY human rights and ALL parents, regardless of their position. This new bill DISCRIMINATES against a minority of single parents, who may not have chosen their circumstances and who need their right to nurture their children upheld. It is wrong for the government to assume that all sole parents on a benefit are negligent about looking after the developmental, educational and emotional needs of their children. To enforce these new obligations on everyone means that good single parents are going to be UNFAIRLY penalised. I do not think that our work productivity and economic climate will improve  through the coercion of children into ECE.

We are in the fortunate position of being a two parent family. But we strongly object that a fellow parent could be penalised in this way. And should the unthinkable happen and we became a solo parent through death or otherwise, we would want our rights to raise our own children by choosing to stay at home and care for their needs to be upheld.

I am greatly concerned that the government is sneakily trying to take away the freedoms of a few parents and cannot believe that such a bill is even under consideration. If this bill passes, what is to stop the government from taking away more freedoms and making education compulsory for everyone from age 3-16.

Family is the building block of society. If we value families and support them then we will have a strong healthy society. But if we steal children from their nests while they are at such a tender age and force their important attachments (mothers and fathers) to be severed, we are breaking up the foundation of society. Healthy people build healthy communities. Healthy family attachments build healthy people. The investment of parents into their own children should be esteemed by the government as this is investment into future members of society.

Also I object to enforced Well Child checks. It should be a choice given to ALL parents to make for themselves.

To summarise:
Research shows that ECE is not beneficial. Therefore parents should not be forced to give over their right to raise their children and place them in an ECE.
This is a violation of the Human Rights Act of 1993.

This amendment bill should not go ahead and if it does it is a breach of human rights.

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