This is unfair and discriminatory

I am a young girl in my 20s. I am really concerned about the Social Security (Benefit Categories and Work Focus) Amendment Bill.

I am concerned about the 15 hours of compulsory Early Childhood Education the Government will be requiring of beneficiaries. This is unfair and discriminatory. Everything that I’ve experienced growing up as a homeschooled child and from what a number of Mums have said to me proves that children do far better in their home with their families than in institutions.  A mother and her child have far more positive interaction with each other than a teacher with a child in an ECE. The mother and child chat away to each other all day. The child asks the mother a heap of “why” questions all day. The mother can answer each of these questions—the teacher in a class room cannot be answering all the children’s why questions.

I am in agreement with you that something needs to be done about the benefit but this is not the way. It is wrong to make compulsory ECE a condition of getting a benefit.

I am strongly opposed to these changes to the Social Security (Benefit Categories and Work Focus) Amendment Bill.

Please REJECT this Bill.

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