From Romania: Please learn from the mistakes others did in history! Thank you!

Dear New Zealand Parliament,

I do categorically OPPOSE the Social Security Amendment Bill (Benefit Categories and Work Focus), and I think if this will be adopted it would send to the international community a signal that fundamental rights in New Zealand are put under threat. This way, New Zealand would loose its tradition as a free country and as an active advocate for freedom around the world by its own example.

On one hand, I learned that this proposed amendment violates a parent’s right to choose where and how their child is to be educated, as per the Care of Children Act 2004 (Clause 16(2)(d)), and also the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Standards (E/C.12/1999/10, Article 13.29).

Furthermore, this bill violates some educational-related fundamental rights stated by international conventions and treaties:

1.Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) Article 26(3) – the parent’s right to choose the kind of education for their children;

2.International Covention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (1976), articles 10(1)& 13(3) – parent’s liberty to choose freely the type of education for their children, i.e. choose other than public schools in connection to their religious convictions.

So please imagine your country taking a step towards the social climate of a country where International Conventions and Treaties are disregarded and fundamental liberties and rights are not observes. There are such countries on the planet, but unfortunately they don’t have many reasons to boast about ensuring for their citizens the fundamental rights and liberties. Please do reject this amendment and choose liberty. I and my family live in a country which was freed from such a fake democracy back in 1989 when communism fell, and we can testify what it means to live in a country where fundamental liberties and rights are taken away from the citizens. Please learn from the mistakes others did in history!

Thank you!



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