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Some books Ex Red Cross book Fair and ex library books

Mostly books are $1.00. Smallest order that I will post will be $5.00 plus postage. Can join lists together. Please state which list book comes from

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Name                 Author               ISBN              Publisher

Crustaceans Edward R Ricciuti 1-56711-046-0 Blackbird Press
Shakespeare’s Theater Jacqueline Morley and John James 0-7500-3614-6 MacDonald Young
Polar Regions Jen Greene 0-7502-2090-2 Wayland
Zoo Album Richard Morecroft and Alison MacKay 0-7333-0600-4 ABC Books
The Middle Ages Various 0-7534-0099-5 Kingfisher
Passover Mike Hurst 0-7502-2807-5 Wayland
Geography Dick Bateman 0-19-910086-1 Oxford University
Exploring the Titanic (2 copies) Robert D Ballard 0-590-41952-8 Scholastic/Madison
Horses and Ponies Lionel Edwards None Country Life
Bugs! (Issue 26) Matthew Robertson 0-7489-1526-5 Orbis Publishing
The Victorians John Malam 0-7502-2365-0 Wayland
Robots Leonbattista Donati 0-7496-2028-5 Franklin Watts
Weather Brian Cosgrove 0-7322-0081-4 Collins
Encyclopedia Molly Perham and Julian Rowe 1-903954-18-5 Zigzag
Europe Keith Lye 1-842-34027-1 Cherrytree
Stanley and Livingstone Clint Twist 0-237-51450-8 Evans
The Value of Believes in Yourself Spencer Johnson 0-916392-06-6 Danbury
A Home to Share Maxine Stephenson 0-908623-42-9 Auckland Museum
Eye Witness: Crime and Detection Brian Lane 0-7513-6123-2 Dorling Kindersley
War Sean Connolly 0-7496-5710-3 Franklin Watts
Queen Victoria John Malam 0-7502-2292-1 Wayland
Aircraft Moria Butterfield 0-7496-4989-5 Franklin Watts
Great Inventions Richard Wood 1-86373-696-4 Allen and Unwin
Disguises and Surprises $5.00 Claire Llewellyn 0-7445-2872-0 Walker Books
Native Americans Marion Wood 0-7500-2276-0 MacDonald Young
Helicopters David Jeffris 0-86313-733-4 Franklin Watts
Sending a Letter Alex Stewart 0-7496-3386-7 Franklin Watts
Bugs! (Issue 13) Matthew Robertson 0-4789-1513-3 Orbis Publishing
Chess William T McLeod and Ronald Mongredien 0-307-13772-4 Golden press
Animals of the High Mountains Judith E Rinard 0-87044-771-8 National Geographic
Link ‘n’ Learn Carol A Thornton and Judith K Wells 1-56911-992-9 Learning Recourses
Mexico Bobbie Kalman 0-86505-294-8 Crabtree Publishing
United States Keith Lye 0-86313-659-1 Franklin Watts
The Family Crochet Book Various 0-600-33446-5 Hamlyn
Amazon Alphabet Martin and Tanis Jordan 1-85697-473-1 Kingfisher
Aircraft Neil Morris 1-90395-422-3 zigzag
Eye Witness: Rescue $5.00 Claire Watts 0-7513-1364-5 Dorling Kindersley
Military Aircraft June Loves 0-7329-6095-9 MacMillian Education

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