The Benefit and Home Schooling

This came into effect today. Many on a benefit are confused as to why this has come in before submissions on the SS Bill are not due until 1 Nov.

Ah. It looks like this might be a previous reform that’s just coming
into force.

There are also changes to other benefits:

So it looks like they already had changes in the pipeline to send
everyone out to work when the youngest child turns 14. BUT.

On the WINZ website right now they have a list of exemptions from the
requirement to work for people on the DPB. (See full list:

I’m sure you know about this, but here’s the exemption terms:

When I was reading the Bill, I looked at possible exemptions from the
work obligations for home educators and there were none.

So it seems, although I’m not 100% sure, that a) you can in limited
circumstances still be exempted from work obligations if you’re
homeschooling; and b) that will no longer be the case under the new

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