2012 General

31/7/12 Marriage Website: please sign the petition

30/7/12 Marriage Website Launched

24/7/12 The University of Auckland presensts: Virtual Incredible Science 2012!

21/7/12 Enter Rainbow Resource Center’s July Contest!

13/7/12 Two pupil ratio makes for fewer hours of study

11/7/12 Benefits of homeschooling Listen

10/7/12 Biased reporting, unprofessional comments

9/7/12 Education Law in New Zealand

30/6/12 Home Schooling:? Education Outside the Box

20/6/12 From the Editors of Kids Journal Home School magazine

13/6/12 The Biblical Trustee Family – What Does This Mean for a Mother in Her Home?

12/6/12 Survey on Homeschooling for M. A. Dissertation

8/6/12 Free ebooks at Amazon – Kindle ebooks

4/6/12 Appeal Court Rescues ‘Honest’ Mum From Smacking Law

3/6/12 A home away from home: Weekly event unites homeschooled kids

31/5/12 Teachers demand moratorium on staff cuts

31/5/12 Cambridge Exams – Deadline for Private Candidate Registration: Thursday 31st May (today!)

30/5/12 From the HSLDA: UN Disabilities Treaty Poses New Danger

30/5/12 Rainbow Resource would like your opinion

23/5/12 Home School Heartbeat: Raising Real Men

23/5/12 How to Avoid the Worst Kind of Socialization

22/5/12 A Letter to the Subscribers of Keystone and TEACH Bulletin

19/5/12Fonterra Science Roadshow

19/5/12 HSLDA: Single Parent Resources

16/5/12 Home Schooling discussion groups

15/5/12 Double Celebration for Rosie Boom

10/5/12 Truancy and the CBD area of towns (AHE Statement on Truancy)

7/5/12 Cambridge Exam Registrations for 2012

4/5/12 Levin’s centre out of bounds for truants

1/5/12 School at Home vs Homeschool

24/4/12 Craig honoured, this morning, by a new Dad as he named his first son

20/4/12 Are you thinking about sending your children back to school…

16/4/12 Cambridge Exams for Home Educators (Private Candidates)

12/4/12 HSLDA – Getting It Right from the Beginning: An Interview with Ken Ham

12/4/12 Mentoring in Action

11/4/12 Difference between School and life?

4/4/12 Cambridge Primary or Pre-Cambridge

2/4/12 Graphic illustrates the state of America’s public education and the rise in homeschooling

2/4/12 The EF-Factor Youth Enviro Film competition

2/4/12 Homeschool reading/writing for boys

21/3/12 On Demand—“Poetry: Part of a Complete Education”

21/3/12 HSLDA: Employable You: Preparing High Schoolers for the Job Hunt”

8/3/12 Association for Cambridge Schools NZ: Meeting for Christchurch Private Candidates – 3 April

8/3/12 Spiders after floods in Australia and Pakistan

7/3/12 NZ Association for Gifted Children & Explorers Auckland

5/3/12 World Leading Neurosurgeon Dismisses Anti-Smacking Law

2/3/12 Science Courses and Science Kits for Hire

2/3/12 Free Flashcards in English, French and Spanish

2/3/12 Ideas Have Consequences

2/3/12 Introducing… a Creativity Contest??!!

17/2/12 / NiE Newslinks One Country, Many Cultures

17/2/12 NZ Outdoor Instructors Association

13/2/12 Free NZ history ebooks

11/2/12 Sea Slug Contest

8/2/12 Daycare Report Calls For Recognition of Effects on Children

3/2/12 Learning Music Age 7-12 and aged 13+

31/1/12 Home schooling – what is it all about?

28/1/12 Yes, My Grown Homeschooled Children Are Odd — And Yours Will Be Too!

26/1/12 Science for Home Educators

25/1/12 Which academic subjects are involved in engineering?

20/1/12 How we learn

18/1/12 NZ Children’s Book Review Blog

17/1/12 IMPORTANT: Reminder: Cambridge Exam students ****Please do not contact schools directly!***

13/1/12 Help with new inquiries and filling out exemption forms

10/1/12 Contact details for the MoE when applying for an exemption

5/1/12 Our goals for 2012

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