The University of Auckland presensts: Virtual Incredible Science 2012!

From: Incredible Science online

The Faculty of Science at The University of Auckland is proud to present to you the Virtual Incredible Science 2012!

The activities you find on this website have been created by each of our schools and departments:

  • The School of Biological Sciences
  • The School of Chemical Sciences
  • The Department of Computer Science
  • The School of Environment
  • The Leigh Marine Laboratory
  • The Department of Mathematics
  • The Department of Physis
  • The Department of Psychology
  • The Department of Sport and Exercise Science
  • The Department of Statistics

Having so many schools and departments doing amazing scientific research means it is easy to show you one of the coolest things about science – it is everywhere! Whether we’re talking about your favourite website, the colour your mum dyes her hair or why your feet get smelly, if you look behind the scenes of almost anything, you will find science in the answer.

The site will be active for the NEXT THREE DAYS ONLY, so don’t miss out on the fun!  Explore our website – we hope you love it as much as we do. Don’t forget to earn your Mini Degree, vote for your favourite shape in the Origami Fold-Along, watch your favourite shows while you can and enter our competition to win cool prizes!

Be sure to tune in on Thursday, when you can participate in a LIVE Origami Fold-Along. Check out the programme.


From the Virtual Incredible Science team

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