Cambridge Exams for Home Educators (Private Candidates)

Here is an email from Erena about the Cambridge Exams for Home Educators

Hi all

Just a note to advise that Janine from the Association for Cambridge Schools NZ is going to be away from the office for the period of 19 April to 28 May. Consequently, it would be appreciated it if as many Private Candidates as possible would register online before 19 April. To register online, go to and follow the instructions.

There will be someone on hand to take registrations while Janine is away but this would greatly reduce her workload and also Janine’s last minute rush on her return.

Payments will still be invoiced at the usual time – it’s just the actual processing of the registration that is affected.

There is no need to feel obligated if you are on holiday or still unsure about your choices but if you are sure, it would help Janine a great deal if you were able to do so.

Please note that, in accordance with the new nationwide system which has been set up and is now administered by the ACSNZ, schools will not be accepting any registrations  for Private Candidates. All registrations must be done online.

Some people may not be aware… but schools are NOT to be contacted regarding any aspect of Cambridge Exams. A lot of work has been done over the last 18 months to open up the Cambridge system to home educators and anyone who contacts local schools trying to bypass this system could jeopardise all the work that has been done.

For general enquiries relating to the Cambridge system as it relates to Private Candidates or homeschooling with Cambridge, email . For specific enquiries relating to your 2012 registration which have not already been addressed on the ACSNZ website, contact .

Please forward this message through your local groups and to anyone you know who is planning on sitting Cambridge Exams this year.


Erena & Judith

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For more information on the Cambridge Exams for Home Educators and to be in contact with others doing these exams visit this yahoo group:


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