I see this Bill as an abuse on young children and their parents

I strongly oppose the Social Security (Benefit Categories and Work Focus) Amendment Bill. This bill falsely presumes that all people who claim the benefit have children that are at risk. It certainly does not take into account single mothers or widows or the best interest of young children.

It is a parental right to decide what is right for their child and not the governments right. I do not believe it is in young children’s best interests to be forced into compulsory ECE attendance, because of family circumstances. People are unique and so are their circumstances. To assume that everyone on the benefit is a misfit and irresponsible parent is wrong and totally ignorant to reality.

I am a parent and home educating mother of two teenage boys. I did for a short time take them to a Playgroup at the local rural school, many years ago. I clearly remember the bullying and foul language that some of the other children had there. I NEVER left my boys unattended. I was present, because I did not like what I saw taking place. I witnessed the trauma of parents leaving while children too young to comprehend that their mothers would return for them later, yelled their lungs out. I personally am a very hands on mother and home educator. The playgroup undermined many of our family standards, bringing in bad behaviour. We choose to eat healthy, since discovering that my youngest son has allergies to preservatives, food colouring & MSG. I remember my boys wanting the junk that came along in the other children’s lunch boxes. I had healthy fruit, nuts, home made biscuits or bread etc, but sadly at that young age they wanted the cute little packets of preservative filled junk that the other children were given. Once I realised the negative side effects of my boys attending, I removed them and we did those things together at home. Although many of the things done there, I was already doing with them before we joined, eg. reading, playing games, loaning toys from the toy library, and giving them personal attention through making things together etc.

I see this Bill as an abuse on young children and their parents. The best environment for a child to grow and thrive is within the home. A mother is the best person suited for nurturing her own children, as she has the greatest vested interest in their success.

I strongly urge you to vote against this Bill and thank you for the opportunity to share my reasons for opposing the Social Security (Benefit Categories and Work Focus) Amendment Bill.

Michelle Campbell

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