September 22, 2023

Book list 33 – updated 16/03/15

For Sale:   Books,  DVDs,  CDs, Tapes, Videos, Magazines etc:

Every day there are fresh books being added here.

As books sell they are being taken off the lists,  so all books listed are still available.

Some books Ex Red Cross book Fair and ex library books

Mostly books are $1.00. Smallest order that I will post will be $5.00 plus postage. Can join lists together. Please state which list book comes from

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If you see a ? by the title of a book it means it is in the process of being sold.

Name                      Author                    ISBN                     Publisher

Discovering the Amazon $5.00 Various People 0-86449-020-8 Reader’s Digest
Exploring the Deep $5.00 Various People 0-86449-017-2 Reader’s Digest
Down the Mississippi $5.00 Various People 0-86449-104-2 Reader’s Digest
Islands of the Pacific $5.00 Various People 0-86449-036-4 Reader’s Digest
Beneath the African Sun $5.00 Various People 0-86449-038-0 Reader’s Digest
Across the Outback $5.00 Various People 0-86449-019-4 Reader’s Digest
Canadian Wilderness $5.00 Various People 0-86449-018-6 Reader’s Digest
Mysterious China $5.00 Various People 0-86449-021-6 Reader’s Digest
The World’s Most Mysterious Places $5.00 Various People 0-86438-961-2 Reader’s Digest
Intelligence in Animals $5.00 Various People 0-86438-959-0 Reader’s Digest
Where Land and Sea Meet $5.00 Various People 0-86449-166-2 Reader’s Digest
West Germany George orey 0-356-04851-6 MacDonald Educational
Submarine Antony Preston 0-7064-0429-7 Octopus
Roads to Everywhere Various People None Ginn
Dracula Bram Stoker None Aerie

More books here:

Will work out postage when you let me know what you would like. Please mention which list the books you want come from – thanks