Those Who Would Give Away Their Children for Money, Deserve Neither Children NOR Money


We OPPOSE Social Security (Benefit Categories and Work Focus) Amendment Bill


Any rights that an individual has, are given them by God, not a government.  Parents have not only the right, but the responsibility to raise their children.  While this bill claims to “help” parents be responsible, it does so by usurping authority that no one has given (nor should anyone give) it.  Any attempt to instill responsibility by blatantly removing the authority behind that responsibility, is a fraud…corrupt and doomed from its very origin.

While this bill has “good” intentions that on many counts we could agree with, we see this as a bit of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  There are those individuals who take advantage of the benefit system, and no doubt that is wrong.  However, it is obvious that in any such benefit system, this would happen…it is the fault of 1) the people for not fixing these problems themselves and demanding that the government do so, and 2) the government for assuming that it can fix those problems.  Ethics and morality cannot be legislated.

The people who would be hurt by this the most are those very people that this bill claims to help: those parents who will never sell their children to another to raise.  On the other hand, the parents who do not care will accept the money with no hesitation and shirk their responsibility.  This bill is simply a stepping stone to removing all children from the parents who truly love and care for them.  We are those parents.  We are keeping our children, and they will not be sold at any price. 

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