September 22, 2023

Rainbow Resource would like your opinion

From Rainbow Resource:

We’d like your opinion!

Here at Rainbow we are always trying to think out of the box. One of the discussions that always comes up when rethinking what we do is “how important IS the print catalog?” When I first started here it was less than one inch thick; it has now tripled in size and contains quite a bit of information on all of our 40,000+ products. As the catalog grows, it becomes more expensive to print, more expensive to mail … all in all, a costly endeavor! While we want to continue to provide you with some of the best information AND best prices, we are exploring alternatives. One of these is sending customers a PDF catalog on CD. Before you recoil at the idea, keep in mind there have been several advancements in PDF technology that has led our customer service to use the PDF catalog exclusively. These include the ease of searching and the overall improved stability of using PDFs on a PC. The latest feature in Adobe X actually lets you “sticky note” pages with notes to yourself! As most of our staff use the PDF version exclusively, we would love to make this a compelling option for our customers. However, before we make any moves we would love to get your feedback. Would you be willing to try to use a PDF catalog this coming year? How important is the entire printed catalog to you? Are there parts of the catalog you can do without? Send us your feedback at, we would love to hear from you.

-Steve Listwan

The print copy of the Rainbow catalogue will be coming out late June or early July.

Visit Rainbow’s website as soon as they post the 2012 version in early June.


Head to Rainbow’s catalog request form anytime to request a PDF copy on CD. CDs will begin mailing in early June.

CDs will be the best option for those of us living outside of the USA – much cheaper postage.


From the Smiths:

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