Cambridge Exams – Deadline for Private Candidate Registration: Thursday 31st May (today!)

A message from Janine Manning (Association of Cambridge Schools in NZ Inc)

Hi all,

There are lots of registrations still coming in, and I’m pleased to report that the 2012 registrations are more than double that of 2011.

Thank you to Sarah Kingston from St Peter’s for processing the registrations while I was away and also Erena and Judith for dealing with queries.

If you haven’t registered yet, please remember that today is the deadline (Thursday 31st May).

All registered private candidates will be sent another copy of the invoice next week along with further information including the timetable for the Master List of subjects for private candidates. This timetable will show if an exam is in the morning or afternoon – specific start times will be sent closer to the time once schools have determined this. Invoices are due for payment by 22 June 2012.

Some candidates need to obtain photo ID – can you please get this done as quickly as possible and e-mail be the number so that your registration can be updated. For security purposes every student sitting Cambridge is required to have a formally recognised photo ID for entry to the exam, and this may also be required to be presented in the exam room if the school has an un-scheduled Cambridge inspection on that day.

For students registered for the AS sciences an e-mail will be sent out next week outlining the feasibility and costs of offering a weekend workshop in Auckland. Information about the Revision Classes to be held in the term three holidays (1st to 12th October) will be sent before the end of term two.


Janine Manning

Association of Cambridge Schools in NZ Inc

PO Box 99930


Auckland 1149

T: +64 9 638 0550

F: +64 9 638 0552

M: + 64 21 212 8683



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