Science for Home Educators

Are you looking for a hands-on investigative approach to add to your current science programme? Do you want to make science more fun by doing things, rather than just reading or writing? Does your child like something to work towards, like a certificate?

Science for Home Educators, run by Nathalie Thomas, a homeschooling mum and science teacher, has developed the “Science at Home AWARDS” specifically aimed at homeschooled children. Your child gets to choose 10 science investigations to complete out of a list of 15 provided. Once your child has finished these you send in the completion sheet and your child gets a certificate sent home in the mail.

There are four areas of science to choose from: Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Earth Sciences. The cost is only $5 per award, which includes the certificate mailed out to your child. You can start with just one of them or do them all.

The science investigations are sourced from a science resource from User Friendly resources written for the modern New Zealand science curriculum.  It is aimed at children between 10-13 years of age, however younger children can easily participate with more parental input. Science for Home Educators has bought the licence to share this resource with registered students.

Feedback from a homeschooling mum using this resource: “my 8 year old son loved the hands on experiments and I loved the “Take It Further” activities which gave us ideas on how to explore topics in greater depth. This is a fantastic programme where kids can go at their own pace and the award certificate at the end is a great reward to work towards. Highly recommend it.”

To register, simply email Nathalie on with your name, address , contact phone number, your child’s name and age and the chosen award.

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