Sea Slug Contest

From middle school home schooling children in North Carolina

This email was sent to you by Healing Oceans Together, a group made and run entirely by middle school homeschooling kids in North Carolina in hopes of raising awareness about oceanic issues.  We would love for you to vote for your favorite sea slug in our Sea Slug Beauty Contest (   We are trying to get votes from all over the world, but we don’t have anyone from New Zealand yet.  So we hope your homeschoolers will help our homeschoolers.

The contest ends on Sunday, February 12, (Monday in the Southern Hemisphere) so please vote soon.



Healing Oceans Together

One of the slugs:

Chromodoris kuniei

Photography by Steve Childs used under Creative Commons license

The Chromodoris kuniei (no common name) is, as pictured, a very colored and timed sea slug. It is often found off warmer tropical costs in the western hemisphere, mostly off New Caladoia, and found somewhere between 5 and 38 meters deep. That?s all that?s known about it. Mysterious! Unknown! Intriguing! Vibrant! Australian!


From the Smiths:

Updated 30 January 2012: Life for Those Left Behind (Craig Smith’s Health) page 6 click here


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One thought on “Sea Slug Contest

  1. WOW! Aren’t the things God creates so beautiful, complex, colourful, creative and they display alot of thought, design and intelligence.

    Not that this slug is intelligent but it is incredibly well designed to do all the things important for sea slugs to do ?

    We have many wonderful things like this on our farm , near Geraldine . This time of year on Wellspring Farm – We have lots of FACINATING FUNGI. Facinating Fungi of all different shapes, sizes and colours. All perfectly designed to do what fungi do – break things down.

    Farm trips/tours or holidays are really educational – Why not include one in this years programme ? It could be the climax of a terms work a Farm Stay Holiday.

    Dave @ Aoraki Cottage Adventure Farm Stay
    Geraldine Centre of the South Island, NZ

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