September 22, 2023

Craig honoured, this morning, by a new Dad as he named his first son

This morning my wife, Daena,  and I named our firstborn son. His name is Levi Andrew Craig Moore.

Levi after Abolitionist Levi Coffin, the unofficial “President of the Underground Railroad,” who is estimated to have helped smuggle at least 3,000 slaves into freedom. Levi Coffin is also an ancestor of baby Levi – on Daena’s side of the family.

Andrew after his dad.

Craig after a man who was immensely influential in my transition through God’s grace – from a “normal” self-obsessed young man into someone who better understood his mandate from God to fight for righteousness, the autonomy of the family, and to speak up for the speechless. Craig went to be with Jesus on 30 Sept, 2011. His legacy is far reaching and Levi is truly privileged to have this great man’s name in his.


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