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I have just been asked this question. I thought others might like to hear my answer. I also thought others might like to share their experience in the comments.

Hi Barbara,
I’m interested in gaining support for going right through home-educating without getting any externally moderated ‘for credit’ qualification. I spoke with another Barbara who finished her five kids without any NZQA piece of paper, and she told me you and Craig also did this, and are great advocates for home educating however the parent prayerfully decides. Am I along the right lines with my understanding? Are you able to offer support/advice to me who really wants to go the route of (like many American homeschoolers) just creating the kid’s transcripts and not fussing over ticking boxes and doing things a certain way or a certain amount for moderation and credit?

My answer:

Yes, you are on the right track. Find out what your child wants to do, then go to the gatekeepers of that. From 13 or so, go up to the polytechnic / university / business admissions officer and ask what they need to know to get in. Go back home and study that. When finished studying that go back again and ask for more studies etc. Do this each year until they are accepted in. At the same time get your children doing work experience. Ask friends/relations with businesses (or cold turkey and just approach businesses) for unpaid work experience – one or two weeks. Then ask for a reference at the end. These references are like GOLD.

Also ask for work experience at the job of their choice as well as a variety of jobs. Always ask for a reference.

Get your children involved in volunteer work – then get a reference.

Make up a good CV with all the references.

At the beginning you will talk to the gatekeepers with your child. As your child gets older get him to do more and more of the talking to the gatekeeper until it is only your child talking to the gatekeeper.

This might be helpful: https://hef.org.nz/2013/beyond-homeschooling-nz-2013/

For those who are doing NZQA etc. keep going. Do what works for you.

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Love also hearing from those who were home educated and are now finished!

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