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Dear Girls,

I have some great introductions for you all: ??Hi Issacharian Daughters,My name is Victoria and I am thirteen. I live not far from Taupo, New Zealand. I am the third oldest of eight children and we are all homeschooled. I have three brothers and four sisters. My favourite things I like to do are sewing, crosstitching and reading. We have heaps of books at home. I also like dressing up my younger sisters and hope in time to do some studies in make up, hair, and clothes. I’ve lived at a camp, which my dad runs as manager, called Lake Whakamaru (f-o-k-a-maru) Christian Camp, for almost four years now and it’s been a great experience. Every school holidays we run a holiday programmes called J-Force (Jesus Force) Camps for children aged 8-12. Reading your newsletters each week has really made me think of what I can teach the younger girls that come to camp. (To get more information about the camp visit You’ve been a real inspiration Genevieve.Many Thanks,Victoria Drinnan, Whakamaru, New Zealand ?? ??For all you computer literate girls, I thought I better introduce myself, and save you the trouble of having to squeeze info out of me… I am Elizabeth Benson, some of you may be familiar with the writings of my parents, Leyland and Christine. I am 20, and for the past four years have lived in the high country of North Canterbury, South Island, New Zealand. Prior to that, we lived in the city, in, ah, yes; Auckland. For those of you living in town, but longing for the country, I can assure you that the wait is worth it. Though little happened physically to mark those years as important, I grew spiritually in ways that perhaps I would not have otherwise. I learnt to value hardship, and I encourage all of you to strive for this. (By the way, I say ‘learnt’, but ‘learning’, or ‘beginning to have an insight into’ would be more applicable.) =) I am the youngest of five, and though four of us were raised as Christians, only myself and one brother have remained so. Nonetheless, it’s encouraging to see, that although they may not desire Christ as we do, the verse “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it,” is true. They still hold the same values we do. I want to encourage you sisters of prodigals, that you have a special role to play in leading them home. Most especially though, my number one lesson was love them as they are. Don’t worry about their obvious ‘flaws’, just love for who they are now. Not what they might be. Not what they were, but what they are. And if you struggle to see anything loveable in someone, remember to ask the Lover of all, to give you love you can share. He never fails. On a different note, I’m currently the only one home, am holding down three part time jobs to save so I can go to America for a friend’s wedding, and to fulfill the dream of meeting my pen-pals. I have a horse, love music, art, quilting, costume design, sewing, and almost anything Victorian. I feel most at peace when in the middle of a raging Nor’ Wester, on some distant mountain top, or down by a raging river. I love the wilderness, and God’s incredible power shown through it. I have no asperations for higher education at the moment, and plan to return home, (after my joint in the States), to rest, sew, serve, and laugh at the days to come. =) I encourage all of you to press on, because the cost is always worth it. I have been both degraded and upheld for my standards, and in every situation, God has provided a way for me to glorify Him. And that’s all that really matters. Bless you all. Elizabeth Sarah Benson ??A warm welcome to the girls joining us for the first time this week. We love receiving introductions from girls who receive this Issacharian Daughters newsletter. If any of you would like to send an introduction just email me your name, location and a bit about your family and yourself (your interests, passions, goals, what the Lord is teaching you, what books have really impacted you, etc).This weeks newsletter is attached as a pdf and follows below this note.Warm regards,Genevieve(pdf at top of page)

Monday, 9 April 2007

Dear Girls,The Leading Points of Christianity

The following short account of our duty to God and our neighbour was written three hundred and thirty years ago [i.e. 1559]. It shows in a form easily remembered the leading points of the Christian faith.To pray to God continuallyTo learn to know Him rightfullyTo honour God in Trinity The Trinity in unity The Father in His majesty The Son in His humanity The Holy Ghost’s benignity Three persons one, in Deity To serve Him always, guilelesslyTo ask Him all things, needfullyTo praise Him in all companyTo love Him always, heartilyTo dread Him always, ChristianlyTo ask Him mercy, penitentlyo trust Him always, faithfully

To obey Him always, willinglyTo abide Him always, patientlyTo thank Him always, thankfullyTo live here always, virtuouslyTo use thy neighbour honestlyTo look for death still, presentlyTo help the poor in miseryTo hope for heaven’s felicityTo have faith, hope and charityTo count this life but vanityBE POINTS OF CHRISTIANITY~Taken from The Girl’s Own Annual, 1889.Advice to Young ladiesArise early.

Dress thyself quickly.Go thy ways gaily.Do thy work wisely.Answer men demurely.Treat thy kin courteously.Rule thy tongue carefully.Con thy book soberly.Sing thy bit joyously.Dance thy round jocundly.Go thy supper warily And to thy bed merrily.

Kneel then devoutly.And sleep surely.

AnonymousFor the Greater Glory of God through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,Genevieve SmithIssacharian DaughterLocations of visitors to this page