Safely Home



Paperback (110 pages)
Author: Tom Eldredge

The choice has always been knowledge or relationship. Which is more important? In Safely Home, Tom Eldredge shows how this was the original conflict in the Garden, a clash that would later be the dividing line between Greek (humanist) and Hebrew (biblical) worldviews. Mr. Eldredge offers practical and biblical hope for those dads who put relationships first and who dare to go safely home. After years of broken marriages, rebellious children and misplaced priorities within the Church, parents’ cries to God have been answered by a Holy Spirit-driven desire by fathers to turn their hearts to their children, by parent-directed Hebrew education and with the re-discovery of Biblical roles for men and women. Many Church shepherds now see that, despite a smorgasbord of programs, most children of believers will reject the Faith and blend into an increasingly pagan society. They grieve at the destruction of the family within their flocks, but they are at a loss for what to do. Here are Biblical solutions.
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